Are you a Lingo expert? What about a master at crossword puzzles or word searches? Want to expand your vocabulary? Take a look at this list of online word games, wordy goodies and word references that will derail you from doing what you’re supposed to do, like work, for instance.

Word Lover Do-Dads & Cool Stuff

1. Merriam-Webster Word of the Day – Learn a new word every day and try to use it in a sentence while conversing.
2. Learning Vocabulary Fun – This is a way to enhance your vocabulary while having a little fun.
3. – Another good website to learn new vocabulary words and how to use them in context.
4. Pig Latin – This little translator will take an ordinary word or phrase and translate it into Pig Latin.
5. 100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know – While this book is for sale, it’s a handy reference tool for word junkies and writers.
6. The Word Lover’s Delight: Awesome Adjectives, Nifty Nouns and Vibrant Verbs to Make Your Vocabulary Sizzle – Another book that will give you a sharp vocabulary and keep you away from dull verbs, nouns and adjectives.
7. Word Daze: The Word Lover’s Almanac – This teacher’s blog will have you sharp as a pencil in no time flat.
8. Spelling Center – Learn how to spell words that are most commonly misspelled at the Spelling Center. If you ever had to take a Spelling Bee, you just might ace it after practicing on this website.
9. Spellchecker – Everyone needs a spell checker on occasion. Cut and paste your text to check it for spelling errors.
10. GrammarCheck – Check your grammar and usage here for free.

Word Game Tools and Cheat Sheets

11. Scrabble Helper – Never fear another game of Scrabble again. You can cheat.
12. Crossword Helper – No one will have to know you got a little help on that Sunday paper crossword puzzle.

Dictionaries and Thesauri for Word Lovers

13. Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus – The classic combination.
14. Urban Dictionary – This open dictionary will keep you up to date on the latest slang and technically non-existent words like “fo shizzle.”
15. Merriam-Webster Open Dictionary – Another open dictionary to reference if you can’t find it in the official version.
16. Word – A combination website with a dictionary and thesaurus plus search features.
17. Free Online Rhyming Dictionary – What rhymes with cat? You can find out with this free rhyming dictionary.

Word Game Sites

20. Merriam-Webster Online Game Index
21. Brain Crosswords
22. The Game Show Network – The classic television channel presented online. Play your favorite GSN games like Lingo, Chain Reaction and Wheel of Fortune.
23. A Game A Word Games
24. Free Rice – For every word definition quiz you take, 10 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program to help end world hunger.
25. World English: Word Riddles & Brain Teasers
26. Word Games
27. Big Fish Games: Word Games

Online Word Games

28. Fowl Words 2
29. Hangman
30. Picto Puzzle
31. Code Words
32. Daily Cryptogram
33. Q Box
34. Word Crunch
35. Daily Fill-in
36. Daily Patchwords
37. Fowl Words
38. Word Frenzy
39. Crossword: Flash Game
40. Anagram Alley
41. Brain Buggle
42. Drop Quotes
43. Word Monaco
44. Word Searches
45. Word Wibble
46. Wordo
47. Text Twist 2
48. Word Racer
49. Literati
50. Scrabble Plus
51. Daily Play Four
52. Hollywood Jumble
53. Boggle
54. PictoWords
55. Reader’s Digest Super Word Power
56. Text Twist
57. Wild Wild Words
58. Word Roundup
59. Multi Pop Word
60. Eight Letters in Search of a Word
61. Storyman
62. Definetime
63. Switch Word
64. Words in a Word
65. Word Morph
66. Word Riddles
67. Etymologic

Online Spelling Games

68. Spelldown
69. Keyword
70. Merriam Webster’s SPELL-JAM
71. Letter Lab
72. Spelling
73. Game Aquarium: Spelling Games
74. SpellBee
75. Spelling Bee the Game