With library shifts easily running eight hours and over, does that time have to be wasted sitting or stacking books? The short answer is “no.” The long answer is: “check out these top 50 exercises you can do at the library, office, or just about anywhere.”

Best Desk Workouts You Can do at the Library

Get the most out of your desk time by trying out these highly recommended, expert exercises.

1. 15- Minute Desk Workout: Coach Nicole is a top expert at SparkPeople, a popular dieting and fitness site. In this short video, she shows you how to workout using items found around any office. A series of ten exercises work all your major muscle groups and end with seated stretches for the deskbound exerciser.

2. Best Exercises to do at Your Desk: “Forbes” magazine shows you how to work out at your desk. There are even tips on simple things you can do to have a healthier day. There is also a picture gallery of the best desk exercises.

. Top to Bottom: Expert trainer Jillian Michaels has appeared on “The Biggest Loser.” In this three minute video, she shows you how to get a complete body workout with a few spare moments and free weights. Worth a look for its ability to workout multiple parts at the same time.

4. Dynamic Sculpt & Stretch: Natalie Yco shows you her professional 10 minute workout to work the entire body. It hits all five major muscle groups and follows up with stretching. Free weights are the only thing you need.

. How to Work Out at Your Desk: MSNBC offers this simple guide to doing just that. Get instruction on the forearm stretch, finger pulls, neck stretch, tendon glides, and the chest stretch. There are also other related links.

6. Desk Workout: Gay Gasper shows you this mini desk workout. In just three minutes, learn a few exercises you can do at any work place. These simple kicks can even be done under a desk without anyone ever knowing.

Best Cardio Workouts You Can do at the Library

If you have a closed space or some free time, check out these workouts to get your heart going and those calories burning.

7. Jump Start Cardio Workout: Coach Nicole guides you through this ten minute workout. Simple cardio exercises are done without the need for equipment. It contains a warm up, workout, and cool down.

8. Cardio Sculpting: This ten minute cardio class will challenge you to work cardio intervals, alternating high intensity drills with short recovery breaks. You’ll sweat, jump, lunge, and even increase your flexibility in minutes. Watch for free or download for $1.99.

9. Bootcamp Calorie Burn: Why pay tons of money for a bootcamp workout when you can train as they do in 30 minutes for free? Kendall’s dynamic moves will get your body pumping in this calorie blasting workout. You just need a small space and a will to work.

Best Pilates Workouts You Can do at the Library

Because they require a small space and little to no equipment, Pilates can be done from any small space, such as an office.

10. Intro to Pilates: In this short video, Coach Nicole explains seven principles that will prevent you from making some common mistakes. Watch so that you can get the most out of your Pilates workouts. Posture, breath, and more are discussed.

11. 10-Minute Pilates Hips & Thighs Workout: This workout will help you strengthen your hips, glutes and thighs. Coach Nicole takes you through one short set of six Pilates exercises. Stretches are also included.

12. 20 Minute Power Pilates: Jessica’s routine will spark up every muscle in your abs, back, legs, hips and arms, while lengthening these muscles and joints. Her clear cues will ensure you get the most out of some classic Pilates moves. Ease back pain and achieve perfect posture to help you look pounds lighter. The preview is free.

13. Less is More Pilates: This video teaches you the fundamentals of controlled movement so you can get the benefits of your practice in the quickest way possible. Lizbeth shows you the routine, needing only a fitness mat. It is also optional if you have a carpeted floor.

14. Desk Pilates: Complete Workout: Pilates instructor Eleanor Gomez demonstrates a simple workout that will help prevent repetitive strain injury, strengthen your spine, and make working easier. Available at Bnet. There are also other related videos in the article.

. Pilates Power: Take your Pilates up a notch with this twenty minute video. Jessica’s powerful routine will spark up every muscle in your abs, back, legs, hips and arms. She also shows you how to lengthen these muscles and joints to give you a long, sleek dancer’s body.

Best Stretches You Can do at the Library

Because injuring yourself is one of the best ways to look foolish, try out these stretches to minimize risk and get the blood flowing.

16. Seated Stretching Routine: This short articles shows you seven stretches that reduce stiffness and tension. They include the neck stretch, triceps, shoulders, and more. There is also a reference guide to stretching.

17. Football Flexibility: Rich Tuten works with the Denver Broncos and shows you how to stretch. Simple moves can be done anywhere with no equipment. Avoid injuries and adapt to any workout with this routine.

18. Running Flexibility: If you’re going for a run during your lunch break, check out this video to make sure you warm up properly. A few simple stretches are shown. Use for before and after a run.

19. Lower Body Stretching: This routine can be done completely standing up with no equipment. Six stretches target thighs, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Proper breathing is also shown.

20. Rhythmic Stretch: Get a groove going while you stretch in this video. Desiree shows you easy and fun ways to stretch. This simple routine will make you feel rejuvenated and radiant afterwards.

21. Upper Body Stretches: This short video begins with a shoulder roll. Another six stretches are shown in the three and a half minute video. Areas stretched include arms, chest, back, and neck.

Best Ab Workouts You Can do at the Library

Be the only one in the library wearing a cut off after taking on these challenging, yet rewarding, exercises.

22. Abs and Chest Combo Exercise: “Men’s Health” shows you this exercise in a short video. Simply choose MH Minute and Fitness to select. It involves an exercise ball and a few reps.

23. 12-Minute Pilates Abs Workout: This workout will help you strengthen your abdominals, obliques, and lower back. Coach Nicole takes you through one short set of eleven Pilates exercises for a complete core challenge. No equipment is needed.

24. Sculpt Abs on the Field: If you have a small grassy area outside of your library, give this workout a try. It is the same one professional baseball players use. A sprint and cardio drill help sculpt abs.

. 10-Minute Crunchless Core Workout: No need for crunches or an exercise ball to do this workout. It strengthens abdominals, obliques, and lower back.

26. Rock Solid Abs: This plan hits your entire core–not just your abs but the muscles that support the spine. Moves can be done freestyle, with a weight, or exercise ball. You can even download the entire thing to your iPod.

27. Get A Flatter Belly: The experts at “Women’s Health” magazine show you four essential workouts for your core. Complete three circuits, resting for 45 seconds between each. Do the workout two or three nonconsecutive days a week.

Best Butt Workouts You Can do at the Library

Face bikini season head on or look great in those jeans with the help of these workouts

28. Butt Blasting Workout: If you’re tired of performing endless squats, then this short, focused workout is for you. These exercises target the gluteus maximus to retain strength and muscle tone. After six minutes of these targeted exercises, you will feel the burn and notice tighter and firmer muscles over time.

29. Butt Workout: Do these moves twice a week to complete this glute camp. There are videos of each move. You can also get a printable version of the workout.

30. 5-Minute Booty Workout with Ball: If you have an office, an exercise ball, and five minutes, this workout is for you. Use this short video to tone your butt and thighs without lunges or squats. The exercises target the gluteus maximus to retain strength and muscle tone.

31. Sculpt Your Butt: Stop by here to get a workout for both your butt and your legs. Five moves are done freestyle or with a stepper. Not only does it build muscle, but it burns calories as well.

32. Booty Burn: In just ten minutes, you’ll zap calories while lifting and tightening your glutes. Cindy increases your strength, power, and heart rate all in one. You’ll maximize your leg strength and boost your glutes and hamstrings.

Best Arm Workouts You Can do at the Library

Whether looking to lose the waddle or tone up, these short, free workouts will have your arms sculpted in no time.

33. 7-Minute Seated Band Resistance Workout: In this workout, Coach Nicole will lead you through a series of upper body exercises that you can do anywhere. Only a resistance band and a small space are needed.

34. Upper Body Towel Workout: Grab a towel and a few minutes to do these challenging arm workouts. Three moves are shown. They include two varying pushups and a towel crunch.

. Arms Workout: These three moves can help you sculpt sexy arms. Three simple moves use only free weights. Complete two or three sets two days a week to get results.

36. Super Shoulders: In one and half minutes, Jillian Michaels’ shows you how to sculpt your shoulders. You only need free weights. Three advanced exercises are shown.

37. Armed and Dangerous: This Jillian Michaels mini workout is targeted for the arms, but works other areas, too. Free weights and jump rope mime are shown. She also gives recommendations on reps.

Best Leg Workouts You Can do at the Library

Don’t ignore your lower body. Try these workouts to get legs to match your arms.

38. Calf Raise With Hop: This exercise is a twist on an old classic. Do with or without a weight depending on your level. A hop is added for better results.

39. Single Leg Squat: For advanced exercisers, this can be the ultimate leg and lower body workout. Muscles, hips, and even posture are challenged. If you can do ten, try adding a pillow underneath your foot.

40. 10 Minute Buns & Thighs: Cindy shows you how to shape the lower body in just ten minutes using no equipment. Several simple exercises will have you feeling the burn in no time.

41. Lean Men Leg Workout: In a little over two minutes Jillian Michaels shows you how to get ripped legs. She shows you the plie, courtesy, and more.

42. Gold Medal Glutes and Legs: Wonder how Olympians work their lower body? Then try these creative and challenging body toning exercises. They will shape your glutes, hamstrings and the smaller muscles surrounding the glutes you need to get the smooth lines of an athlete.

Best Specialty Workouts You Can do at the Library

If you’re looking for something specific, or just a fun workout, try one or all of these mini workouts.

43. Kickbox Workout: Someone making fun of you for working out at the library? Then challenge them to this routine by trainer Amy Dixon. She’ll show you how to perfect your technique for maximum calorie burn.

44. Jump Rope Workout: Coach Nicole again shows you how to do a simple, ten minute workout using only a jump rope. This high intensity workout blasts calories. It can also be done without a jump rope.

45. Agility Workout: Afraid of looking foolish during these workout routines? Then try this 20 minute workout to make you both graceful and toned. Seven different moves use free weights, a basketball, and stepper.

46. Pylo Power: Jillian Michaels’ shows you how the power of jumping can workout your entire body. 180 jumping, the speed skater, and more are shown. She also tells you how many reps to do of each.

47. Kettlebell Workout: It’s basically a medicine ball with a handle attached, but it can tone your entire body. Missy Beaver, a Los Angeles trainer, created a twice-weekly routine that you can do at home. Four steps are shown in diagrams.

48. The Shim Sham Workout: If your library will let you take a ten minute hula hoop break, check this video out. Kelee shows you how to use one to get a fun workout. Hula hooping knowledge is required.

49. Fighting the Freshman 15: Not just for college students, librarians can get it too. Teri shows you body sculpting exercises that are meant to be performed in a small space. This fitness program was specifically designed for coeds by an instructor who has been there and done it herself.

50. Exercise Office Ball Chair: Lifehacker tells you how to use an exercise ball at your desk. It lists the pros and cons. If you are still on the fence, read the 50 comments left by various readers.

Libraries are often seen as dull, droll places with out of shape workers. It doesn’t have to be with the help of these 50 exercises you can do at or around the library. Make sure to consult a physician before beginning a workout plan.