There’s an iPhone app for just about anything these days, so of course many in the academia world are taking notice. These applications represent a new age of study for those recognizing the importance of technology and social media. The iPhone can be an invaluable resource for almost anyone in the academic field.  Whether being used for studying, reference, teaching, reading, note taking, quizzes, or networking, the below list provides you with the apps that can help.

Keeping Up With Your Studies

Make studying easier by using your iphone as a studying aid.  The below apps can appease the most hectic studying schedules.

1. iFlipr Flashcards You need all the help you can get studying for that final. Use these flashcards when it comes to drilling and memorization.

2. StudySets – Psychology Lite Psychology lovers will appreciate this application. There is an abundance of psychology learning resources.

3. Free Wi-Fi finder Use this tool to find places you can bring your laptop to study. This way you will know before you get there and take away the hassle.

4. Brain Tutor 3D If you are studying Anatomy or a pre-med students then this is the app for you. Now you can study anatomy, brain terms, and more.

5. Mathemagics Lite Stuck on a math problem?  Using this app will help you figure out squares, complicated multiplication problems and more.

6. Cram A study tool on which users can create flash cards and multiple choice tests with automatically randomized answers. These study aids can be shared with friends and synced to the offline Mac OS version.

7. Answers: powered by Yahoo! Answers This app opens your iPhone to Yahoo! Answers portal so that you can ask questions about anything.

8. Pocket Lawyer Lite Law and political science students can use this real-life law reference as a study tool, too.

9. gFlash + Flashcards and Tests Create your own flashcards and share them with study partners.

10. Free Spanish Tutor This Spanish tutor features native speaker audio, puzzle games, multiple choice quizzes, and more.

11. Art Lite Study the histories, works and significance of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, van Gogh, and Cezanne. Great for those majoring in the arts.

12. Accela Study Vocab Builder Students studying for the GRE or GMAT will appreciate this tool that allows them to study anywhere and anytime.

Calendars & Organization

Use these apps to organize your academic as well as your personal life.

13. Google Calendar If you’re already using Google Calendar why not take it on the road? Use this app to keep track of your important dates.

14. Attendance Countdown Find out exactly how many hours you’re studying by tracking your time with this app.

15. iProcrastinate Mobile Anyone who has an issue with putting off tasks will benefit from iProcrastinate Mobile. The free app offers easy task management for the most daunting of schedules.

16. Harvest Time & Expense Tracker Track how much you’re spending on your education and other related expenses. This app even provides you with a bar graph to show what you’re spending the most on.

17. 30Boxes This calendar app will help you stay on top of assignments and meetings. There is also a countdown to help you with those deadlines.

18. Remember the Milk Many students and teachers may already be using this great application. With the iPhone version you can take it with you anywhere.

19. Smart ToDo Manage your to-do list with notes and due dates. This way you should never have a reason for that homework assignment to be late.

20. iStudent Input your class schedule and important events into this student centered to do list that tracks assignments, holidays and more.

21. Organizer Lite View several organizers in a single, streamlined display with this app. You can manage a calendar, appointments, contacts and more.

22. To Do’s Customize your to-do list according to priority level. This makes it easy to keep track of items on your to-do list and get those important things done on time.

Reading & Books

These applications make reading and finding books a bit simpler.

23. iReading Find books by author or title, read them at any time, and add to your personal list of favorites. This app remembers the spot you finished reading each time and will keep that spot next time you load up the same book.

24. Stanza Designed for reading digital publications, including electronic books, newspapers, PDFs, and general web content. This interface is organized and easy to read.

25. Free iPhone eBooks Turn your phone into a free eBook reader. Choose from a growing selection of free eBooks.

26. CliffNotes To Go Read the most popular CliffNotes from your iPhone. Read titles such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Macbeth, and the Adventures of Huckleberry Fin.

27. Read It Later Pro Saves web pages to read later in place of bookmarks. Downloads your list of stuff you want to read for offline viewing so you can read it even when you do not have an internet connection.

28. WOWIO Mobile Get access to hundreds of high-quality eBooks from leading publishers, all for free. Choose from a wide range of titles in graphic novels, works of literature, and other popular works.

29. BookBargain A free shopping search utility that tracks down and gives you the best prices on books online at popular stores like Amazon in multiple countries like USA, Japan, UK, France, Germany, and Cananda.

30. Reader Start reading your books on your iPhone. Now all your books will always available on your book shelf and can be easily opened with a single touch. Quickly paste entire books into your reader.

31. Get all the Books Read news feeds from The New York Review of Books, The New York Times Book Review, The Washington Post Book Review, Powell’s Books, New Online Books, and

32. Iceberg Reader An electronic book reader which the experience of reading books to the mobile space. You can get books when you want, wherever you want.

33. 150 Plus Great Books Get over 150 full-text classics with this app including titles such as Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Letter, and The Call of the Wild.

Brain Games, Quizzes, & Tools

Academic types will love these apps that will keep your brain working overtime.

34. Graphing Calculator Turns your iPhone into a high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator. This way you will always have the answers you need.

35. IQ-Test How smart are you? Take this test to evaluate your IQ and exercise your brain.

36. iTranslate This free iPhone app can translate text into 42 different languages. This is great for philosophy enthusiasts needing Greek.

37. GMAT Practice Quiz Use your iPhone to study for the GMAT when you use this tool.

38. SAT Vocabulary Builder Word power alone won’t get you an A on that paper, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Though designed with students in mind, Vocabulary Builder has tools that can help anyone learn big, fancy words.

39. KuGon With this app, you can improve your memory skills, thinking, and speed.

40. TouchCalc Multi-modes make this tool ideal for anyone in academia from beginning to advanced. It also has a scientific mode that offers all the usual functions and operations.

41. Make U Sound Smart 100 Words to Make You Sound Smart is an iPhone app sold in the App Store based on the book. Whether you need to give a speech, write a paper, you’ll be on your way to sounding articulate, educated, and literate.

42. Brain Tuner Put your mind to work and stay fresh with this brain teasing app that will definitely keep you on your toes.

Documents & Writing

These applications can make it easier to develop writing ideas as well as view various documents while on the go.

43. DocViewer Want to read over your paper one last time before you present it? This app lets you see the document right on your phone.

44. Text Editor Works to fix the small key problems big fingers have. With Text Editor, each key is two times as large as the typical iPhone’s keys making it much easier to type longer essays.

45. PDF Reader Pro Download this application so you’ll be able to read PDF files over your iPhone.

46. Readdle Docs This application is all about helping you organize your documents from email, your computer or the web.

47. Thesaurus Make your papers better than the rest. Retrieve the synonym for every word. If available you will get antonyms, related terms, similar words, and user suggestions.

48. iSpreadsheet If you need to be able to examine spreadsheets on your phone, try out this application.

49. IdeaGenerator By stroking or shaking the screen, three random words appear, taken from lengthy word lists. These random words are designed to spark creative connections in your brain thereby leading to great writing ideas.

50. Instapaper If you find something important during your browsing or have information that you need to deal with later, this application lets you store it an access it at a later time.

51. OpenClip Offers a convenient way to copy and paste on your iPhone. Use this tool for all your writing needs.

52. Documents To Go While working on anything from an AP History essay to a Masters’ thesis, bring your .doc or .docx files along for the ride and store them in full formatted glory.

News & Current Events

Stay updated with current events and the latest news with these apps.

53. Huffington Post A free app that updates you on the latest news and blog posts at the A wide range of topics, including sections devoted to politics, entertainment, media, living, business, and the green movement is covered.

54. Wall Street Journal Delivers the latest global news, financial events, market insights and information to keep you ahead of the curve. Get the information you depend on plus entertainment, culture, and sports coverage from one of the most credible source for news and information.

55. NYTimes Receive your news from the New York Times online for free with this app.

56. CBS News Get the CBS website all on your iPhone. News is presented in categories like Top Stories, U.S., World, Politics, SciTech, Health, Business, Strange, Travel and Opinion.

57. iWeather An easy and fast way to find out what’s going on with weather around the country. This app informs you with NOAA animated Doppler and satellite radar from across the United States.

58. BNO News This app uses push notifications to send news headlines to your phone from the BNO News Headquarters, one of the fastest sources for breaking news. When major stories happen, you will stay up to date at your desk or on the go.

59. NBC on iPhone Browse the NBC news website which features all their popular shows like Tonight on NBC, featured Videos, and recaps. View a list of upcoming events and hot topics.

60. Discovery Channel Gives you access to daily news stories, quizzes, photos, TV schedules and more. This app will definitely satisfy your curiosity and immerse you in the how and why.

61. Washington Post Take The Washington Post with you throughout your day on your iPhone. It’s all the news and information you want and need whether you’re busy studying or on the run.

62. USA TODAY Now breaking news is available at the touch of your hand. Stay in touch with all the latest breaking news 24×7.

Teaching Tools

If you’re a teacher looking to motivate your students, these app offer opportunities for lessons, assignments, and more.

63. iClckr PowerPoint Remote Whether you’re presenting for school or work, this tool can help make the process seamless with slide changing capabilities right on your phone.

64. Formul8 – Formulas for Math, Science, & Chemistry Get the most popular formulae for algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and more with this app.

65. WordPress With this app you’ll be able to blog from anywhere, share your ideas and make sure your site stays updated. Great for students and teachers alike.

66. The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms Both avid readers and literature buffs will benefit from this comprehensive text that provides insight into almost 1,200 troublesome literary terms.

67. Keynote Remote For those who give a lot of presentations, this tool can be well worth the cost. It allows users to remotely change slides in keynote using an iPhone.

68. US Presidents. Learn all about the US presidents with this app that offers information in a flashcard format.

69. Chemistry Formulas This app provides an instant library of formulae that also allows you to add your own descriptions on each entry.

70. The World Factbook ‘09. With information for over 250 countries and territories around the world, learn plenty about geography.

71. WorldBook – This Day in History. This interactive calendar is powered by World Book Encyclopedia and features historical information for each day of the year.

72. Math Quizzes for All Ages. This app will help you practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, and square roots.


With some help from these apps, you can quickly be connected to a number of reference materials.

73. USA Factbook Free Great for anyone in a civics, history or political science courses that covers the U.S. This reference packet lets you access key documents, lists of the flags, state capitals and other stats.

74.Wikipanion Look up facts and find information for class or just to settle an argument between friends with this application that makes it easy to browse and search through Wikipedia on your iPhone.

75. WeatherCycopedia Everything you ever wanted to know about weather concepts and terminology. Thousands of topics are explained to you in an easy to understand language, supported by vivid graphics and animations.

76. Google Mobile App With this search tool you’ll be able to find and access loads of information.

77. iHistory An educational and informative reference app about the world we live in. The topics are Art, Military/War, Inventions and Great Cities.

78. Roget’s II – New Thesaurus This app provides the full text in an interactive platform for a complete thesaurus experience that also works along with the American Heritage Dictionary.

79. 15,000 Useful Phrases Anyone in academia of any kind will love this app that will help select the perfect phrase for any occasion.

80. Find Out Brings information to your fingertips wherever it is. It searches through great amounts of data out there on the Internet and matches it to your specific requirements.

81. Everyone needs a good dictionary and this app includes more than 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms. It also includes audio pronunciations and similarly spelled words.

82. Linguo This app can translate in 25 languages, and has 400 audio clips in French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian. You can send translation results via email, or save them in the application.

Note Taking

Note taking can be tedious. Record and jot down your ideas and thoughts with these time saving apps.

83. VoiceNotes A free voice recorder that allows you to make a quick note out of something. There’s no better way to do it than by speaking it into your iPhone for later reference.

84. Evernote Create, edit, and organize your notes. This app will always make sure that your notes stay synced as long as you have an internet connection handy.

85. Documents To Go Want to go to the beach with the girls but have some academic obligations. Take your Word, Excel, PDF, and other documents to the beach with you on your iPhone using this app.

86. Dexy Get convenient free-form note organization with this application. Now you can keep record of all those wonderful thoughts you have throughout the day.

87. Jott Make it easy for you to take notes on your iPhone. Tap the record screen and record a note with your voice. It will turn your voice memo into text and appear moments later in a notepad on the screen.

88. Simple Notes is a very easy and straightforward Application, which helps you to note your thoughts as fast and easy as possible. There are many applications to write down some text, but none of those are that easy, fast and intuitive as.

89. iTalk Recorder Whether for recording a brilliant idea or holding on to the inspiration that struck, a voice-recording app is essential. This one’s free, and it lets you append text notes to your voice notes.

90. YouNote With this app, you can take notes by drawing, typing, or recording. Great for those long lectures.

91. Writing Pad Swipe your finger across the letters that make up the word you want, and WritingPad will guess what word it is. You can also type normally if you want to.

92. Fliq Notes A fast and easy way to create save and sort notes and memos by name, category or date. You can also send notes to other Fliq users too.


Keeping up with colleagues and peers is often put to the side in the busy academic world. Use these apps to keep in contact.

93. Facebook If your students or peers are on Facebook, you can keep them updated through this app. Get quick access to your Facebook status updates, friends, messages and more.

94. Twitterific Network with colleagues around the globe who are in similar professional positions or share a common education and technology interests.      

95. Fring With Fring, you can connect to all your instant messaging services at once so you can keep in touch with anyone, anywhere.

96. LinkedIn Though this service is mostly a social networking for business people, it is still used by many in academia as a way to network and keep up with contacts.

97. TwitterFon If you just can’t stop twittering, this application will make it even easier to do while you’re on the go.

98. Whiteboard Collaborative Drawing With this tool you can work with others on studies, research, and projects right on your iphones.

99. Fuze Lite Check out this tool to keep in touch with associates through just about every instant messaging service including AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk and Jabber.

100. Birdhouse This app is similar to Twitter but with a slight twist, Birdhouse lets you jot down information and save it until you’re ready to share it.

Whether you are a professor, librarian, or other educator, the iphone is a great tool for learning. Almost all of the apps we have listed above are available to you for free or little cost.