Whether you’re already running a business, or just thinking of starting one, you might want to consider sharpening your entrepreneurial skills so that you can achieve the success you’re looking for. To have the best entrepreneur strategies for your business is great, however, you still need to build up your skills to use those strategies for your business to thrive in this competitive market. Apart from being spirited and assertive, it is necessary to look at several areas of the entrepreneurial process and develop expertise to excel in each and every business venture. To get you going, we’ve put together this list of blogs about starting up, growing your business, money and marketing advice, important news and events, social, internet, and women entrepreneurs, some inspirational stories, as well as some great resources.

Starting up

Before starting your own business, you must have a clear idea of what you are getting into. Learn the crucial aspects that you need to know with these blogs.

1. Entrepreneurship Process Blog Learn everything you need to know about starting up your own business.  Posts are on a variety of subjects relating to the advantages of business opportunities.

2. Make it Legal A small business instructor’s handbook on law and entrepreneurship. This business attorney has been in the field for more than 15 years guiding small businesses through legal hurdles they face when starting and running their companies.

3. Business Opportunities Weblog A mix of commentary and links on small business opportunities and entrepreneurship. You will get a view of this author’s thoughts and personal experiences he has had over the years.

4. Startup Spark You are provided a steady stream of business tips and heated discussion on this blog. Topics such as entrepreneurial passion, social entrepreneurship and dealing with business failure are issues faced in these posts.

5. Up and Running See starting up and small business from multiple viewpoints. Learn about things you can do to make your business venture run smoothly.

6. Instigator Blog All about instigating debate and solutions for a better business. The focus is on entrepreneurship, small business, marketing and technology, with a hefty shot of humor.

7. BizCentral USA – Small BizBlog This blog is dedicated to educating the small and start up business enterprise. Entrepreneurs young and old as well as women and minorities can find trends and comments on pertaining to the challenges they face starting out.

8. Startable Take with you some long lasting advice from this blogger. Prasad has started several small businesses and can give you the best tips to a create a profitable business.

9. My Life, Starting Up Read about what it’s like to start a company. Get detailed knowledge to get your company off the ground  such as legal advice, trademarks, office space, and finding help.

10. StartupNation If your goal is starting your own business then you definitely want to take a look at this blog. Whether it be online or off, read about what it takes to launch a successful startup.

Growing Your Business

Once you’ve launched your business, the challenges have just begun. The first challenge is how to grow your business. As your business grows, these blogs can help manage people, finances and your own time.

11. Just for Small Business Growing a small business requires mastering many areas. This blog will keep you abreast of trends on the operations to make your business successful.

12. BizzBangBuzz Pittsburgh attorney Anthony Cerminaro gives great tips and some unique articles on the challenges facing entrepreneurs growing their companies. A particular focus is on legal issues.

13. Young Entrepreneur Blog This blog is devoted to enlightening entrepreneurs with information and advice all around the world. The two brothers that write for this blog truly represent the entrepreneurial attitude of today.

14. Dare Mighty Things This young energetic entrepreneur is trying to build his business from nothing to a million dollar enterprise. Follow along on his journey and read get helpful advice as well.

15. Catalyst for Action This blog is set on helping young entrepreneurs find their niche. Educate yourself and gain knowledge to build successful businesses.

16. Club E Here you’ll find blogs by everyone from the aged entrepreneur to the young amateur. There are vast resources to help you network, learn and share your experiences.

17. Musings of a 26-Year-Old Entrepreneur Blogger and entrepreneur Adam McFarland provides posts on this blog about topics like job security, small businesses and more.  He gives a candid look at what it’s like to be a young business owner to help young professionals consider entrepreneurship.

18. The Solopreneur’s Million-Dollar Mindset This  woman helps entrepreneurs achieve their business and life goals rapidly and efficiently. She serves as a Success Coach for the nationally known organization, Count-Me-In for Women’s Economic Independence and helps award winners grow their businesses to one-million dollars and larger.

19. Entrepreneur Blog At About.com by Scott Allen Once you have started your business venture, read this blog to get the best advice on keeping it going. The articles will give you a step up on what you can do to accelerate the process.

20. Business Pundit Learn things you never would have thought of on this unconventional blog. You will receive bold opinions and advice on topics that will help your business grow.


Good financial management can make or break a company. It’s not just a matter of having enough money — it’s about having enough money for the right things at the right time. These blogs will help you stay focused on your entrepreneurial budget.

21. The Financial Guru Receive a holistic approach to money and wealth from Vanessa Summers.  She is the CEO of a company dedicated to empowering people to be successful in any economy through entrepreneurship.

22. The Only Guide to Investing an Entrepreneur Will Ever Need A guide with a simple premise of investing their savings cautiously. A personal finance guru, Lewis Schiff gives advice on everything from how to invest your money to how to prepare for reccession.

23. Money Saving Tips for Small Business Owners Find ways to save money for your business in this blog. It serves as an aggregate for information on deals, coupons, and discounts for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

24. Rich by Thirty If your major goal in life is to make money, then check out this blog. It’s content is full of  tips for raking in the big bucks.

25. Young Money Talks Whether you’re struggling to bring your own finances under control or manage money for a startup, this blog is a great place to look to for advice on everything financial.

26. The Closet Entrepreneur You’ll need to be extremely careful with your limited funds when starting out on your own. This blog offers some excellent tips for entrepreneurs on saving money.

27. Virtual Entrepreneur Money talk, trends, and tips for any entrepreneur. Connect to plenty of links & opportunities for today’s go getters.

28. Personal Finance Blog Great tales of and about successful entrepreneurs. Get  blogging advice about making and managing money.

29. Pajama Professional Maximize your earning potential with these generous articles. Constantly updated,  this blog will find legitimate ways to make money online, enhance personal development,  and other resources for entrepreneurs in all niches.

30. Business Ideas And Entrepreneurship Get help with your finances from this sophomore blog. There are great ideas on how to make your money stretch as far as possible when it comes down to business.


Marketing entails everything you do to attract customers and persuade them to buy your product, including advertising, public relations, publicity and selling. Read these blogs to get the latest marketing tips.

31. Duct Tape Marketing Get marketing tips from this small business expert. John Jantsch hands out 3 or 4 small business marketing tips weekly in easily understandable bite-size tidbits.

32. Networking Now Written by the founder of BNI, the worlds largest business networking organization. Get his marketing secrets and anecdotes about his years of experience in small business marketing.

33. Drew’s Marketing Minute Tips and strategies on issues such as business plans, picking domain names and going mobile. There is a plethora of information to help you make the most of your small business.

34. The Internet Strategist Gain knowledge from an internet industry veteran with her own New York marketing firm. This blog specializes in traditional and internet marketing for entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

35. Entrepreneur in the Making This talented writer is an expert in affiliate marketing. Learn how to use marketing and the web to your best advantage.

36. The New Rich Blog Share real practical information, advice and techniques that this new entrepreneur is learning along the road to independence. His commentary is on his thoughts and experiences he has come upon while trying to make it big.

37. Brand Yourself Get a better understanding of the basics behind business branding. Learn about what you need to do to get your name out there.

38. SplitStack This blogger is only 17 years old and is already finding success in Internet marketing. Read his posts for some helpful tips and advice.

39. Sherpa Blog Using case studies, surveys, and other techniques, this blog researches what works. Posts are frequent and related to all things marketing.

40. Strategy Stew A place where business and marketing profressionals go for creative ideas on trends. There are links to experts and all things related to getting your ideal customers.

Success Stories

These blogs provide great inspiration to an entrepreneur who is trying to build something from nothing on a very small budget.

41. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur A blog by Mike Michalowicz, a self made entrepreneur since the age of 24. Get helpful tips and inspiration from his lectures for collegiate entrepreneur programs at Harvard, Penn State, and Boston College.

42. Go BIG Blog Read this blog from a 9-time successful entrepreneur Wil Schroter. He gives you a no nonsense  approach when it comes to the way it really when becoming an entrupreuneur.

43. The Trump Blog Ideas and Opinions from Donald Trump and theTrump University Faculty. There’s a host of articles that show why Donald Trump has made it to where he is today.

44. Seth Godin’s Blog Mr. Godin was founder of Yoyodyne, an interactive marketing company, which Yahoo Inc. acquired in late 1998. His blog often creates direction in business and life, such as financial advice for grads.

45. Weekend Entrepreneur This blog gives inspiration by posting success stories and extensive interviews with entrepreneurs who have started small businesses based on interesting inventions and creative ideas.

46. How to Change the World Guy Kawasaki is a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, an early-stage capital firm. His articles often provide usable lists that are relevant to entrepreneur readers.

47. MeDirected Sometimes listening to the voice inside is the way to go. This entrepreneur quit his secure day job to pursue his dream of owning his own business.

48. Blog maverick A relevant and practical blog for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Written by Marc Cuban a small business owner since the young age of 17.

49. Entrepreneur Success Blog Read this blog to get inspired about the business you are starting. This entrepreneur will show you that anything is possible.

50. The Making It Business Blog Written by Nelson Davis, a successful minority entrepreneur. His articles give hope for anyone wanting to become an entrepreneur. There are stories from many minorities who have made it big.

Small Business News

Get all the latest issues that are affecting small business and entrepreneurs from these blogs.

51. The Entrepreneurial Mind Spot trends in small business and entrepreneurship from the director of Belmont University Center. His post relate to the impact these trends have on the individual business owners.

52. Entrepreneur’s Tips Your all in one resource for news and events affecting today’s small business owners and entrepreneurs. Get insight from experts as well as tips on areas of interest like promotion, the Internet and more.

53. Small Business Trends Take a look at the current trends affecting small businesses and entrepreneurs. This blog should definitely be put on your must-read list.

54. GlobalBX Entrepreneur Blog A primary site for business planning, strategies, and motivation for all entrepreneurs. Contains tips, news, and events relating to all aspects of entrepreneurship.

55. The Browser This blog looks at the world through the entrepreneurial eye. The job is done when calling attention to news articles, radio broadcasts and web sites, that are of specific concern to entrepreneurs.

56. The Entrepreneurial Agenda Get all the latest details on the big issues that affect entrepreneurs. Most of his posts are focused on subjects in relation to the 2008 presidential campaign.

57. Entrepreneur’s Tips A source for news and information affecting today’s busy entrepreneur. Tips and pointers are posted for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Areas of interest include starting a business, marketing, promotion, Web and Internet, and more.

58. Small Business Brought to you by BusinessWeek  for entrepreneurs. Get the latest  facts on events that affect the small business world.

59. The Small Business Blog The week’s news round-up for home business and entrepreneurs. Issues discussed are of interest to small business owners from the United States.

60. Business Trends Blog Sponsored by the SBE (Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council). They work to educate elected officials, policy makers, business leaders and the public to advance  the environment for entrepreneurship, business start-up and growth.

Internet Entrepreneurs

Whether beginning your internet business, or just trying to keep up with competition, these blogs will give you all the advice you need to stay profitable.

61. Get Elastic The blog allots common approaches to selling on the Internet. Posts include: “Retailer Reputation: Showing Off Your Street Cred,” “Cart Abandonment,” and “Dads and Grads: Missed Merchandising Opportunities.”

62. Smemon.com Get fresh and new opinions and advice from this 22 year old internet entrepreneur. Read about the steps he had to take to make it with a small online business.

63. Young Go Getter Check out this site for advice on creating a blog that can bring in a steady stream of readers. The goal of this blog is to eventually put you to a place where you will bring in advertisers.

64. ShoeMoney ShoeMoney is a blog journal from a guy who makes a living online. It contains his thoughts and opinions based on real life experiences he has had on his way.

65. The Internet Entrepreneur Diary Read about this internet entrepreneurs ups and downs as you follow him on his journey to small business.  Gain inspiration from his positive thoughts and posts.

66. MegaRich A map to a successful internet business. Follow along, join in and give feedback as these bloggers build an online business from nothing.

67. The Internet Business Authority A compellation of various successful internet business entrepreneurs. Serves as a purpose for educating the masses on how to create a successful business online.

68. WebPreneur Resources Today A fairly new and exciting blog for experienced web and internet entrepreneurs. A  must stop site  for strategies to establish a successful Internet business.

69. The Nerdator An up and coming blog surrounding internet entrepreneurs and marketing. Join this so-called nerd and follow his personal journey to the next big thing.

70. TylerCruz.com Chronicles everyday  operations of his life as a web entrepreneur.  Post topics range from blogging tips, affiliate marketing, inspirational and motivational posts, guest posts, in-depth articles and reviews.

Women Entrepreneurs

It is a fact that the women entrepreneurs are starting new businesses at twice the rate of men. These women are fascinating and you will receive a wealth of knowledge from these blogs.

71. After 55 The bold and candid blog for spirited and connected women over 55. Bonnie Price takes women after 55 to the next triumphant stage in life.

72. Women at Work Named by Newsweek magazine as one of the “Top 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet,” Aliza Sherman is a web pioneer and social media marketing expert. In 1995, she started the first woman-owned, full-service internet company.

73. Entrepreneur’s philoSophie’s A carefree look at life as an entrepreneur through weekly comics drawn by small business owner Joanna Alberti. Her drawings give you a glimpse into the market she created for no nonsense women.

74. SmartWoman Guides A center core for motivating the developing woman entrepreneur.  The fan base is 35-55 year old females starting out in business for themselves. You’ll find free articles, product reviews and this daily blog for encouragement.

75. My Business Adventures A Mom’s blogging  journey of starting her own business. Share her ins & outs, wins and losses, anecdotes, and life’s lessons as she moves ahead.

76. Julie Lenzer Kirk’s Blog Musings on growing a business and entrepreneurship. See how this busy mom knows how to do it all and raise a family at the same time.

77. EntrepreneurHER A platform for women entrepreneurs who have either considered starting their own business or are experienced entrepreneurs. Find insight and support from other empowered women by learning and connecting.

78. FemalePreneurs Young women looking to start a business can find all kinds of advice and inspiration here. Teaches women how to expand their business by using the internet and their growing expertise.

79. The Mom Entrepreneur Get the basics from a mom balancing motherhood and a small business. Her posts are filled with emotions when talking about the good fortune she has experienced and does not take for granted.

80. Girl Meets Business Get some insight on how women can navigate the working world from the solid advice given on this blog. Mostly for young professionals who want to Develop professionally through growth and learning

Social Entrepreneurship

The newest breed of entrepreneurs are in the small business community. Get some tips and advice from social entrepreneurs with the special ability to recognize society’s problems and bring about global changes.

81. The Eco-Capitalist Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, provides commentary on how you can break traditional stereotypes and create a business that profits by doing environmentally and socially responsible things.

82. Ecopreneurist Offers news and advice on sustainability and entrepreneurship. Learn about new green products and services, and get marketing and branding assistance for your green start-up business.

83. Audeamus A one stop shop for everything about social responsibility and entrepreneurship. The posts are split up between categories like “Books and Tools,” “Go Green,”and “Social Enterprise,” which makes it simple to locate exactly what youre looking for.

84. Fast Company Expert Blog Fast Company sets the agenda through the evolution of business. With a unique focus on creative individuals making change. This expert blog focuses on the future of social entrepreneurship.

85. Echoing Green This blog documents news, trends, and the real life of social entrepreneurs. Its goal is to feed social entrepreneurs and their unconventional ideas for positive change.

86. Let There D.light! Follow Sam Goldman as he makes his company, D.light, a world market leader in off-grid lighting and power solutions. He unceasingly serves his customers with innovative products that improve their lives.

87. Forging Ahead This is the story of Kjerstin Erickson who was 20 years old when she started her company, FORGE. She didn’t have a business plan and she didn’t have a penny but she now works in three refugee camps in Zambia, helping refugees build better lives.

88. School for Social Entrepreneurs The School for Social Entrepreneurs’ main blog. It offers information, news and views on social enterprise and social entrepreneurship.

89. Beneblog Jim Fruchterman navigates the social entrepreneurship side of technology applications. The goal is to get the needed tech tools to the people who are least able to afford them.

90. Social ROI Sets out to enable social entrepreneurship. Posts spread the word about some of the good stuff that’s happening in the space.

Web Tools & Resources

New tools and resources are constantly being developed to makebusinesses easier to run. Here are some blogs suited for today’s entrepreneur that give some helpful information and can save you time and money.

91. WorkHappy.net This blog lives up to its subtitle of “killer resources for entrepreneurs”. By furnishing links and reviews of applications and other resources, you will be able to work more efficiently.

92. The Goods: Quick Hits Devoted exclusively to products and services for small business owners. They do review the new netbook or the must have smartphone, but will also examine the smaller services, not so well known software, and web-based tools that can help your businesses succeed.

93. Online Entrepreneurial Tools & Tips A site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs hone in on their skills by using the newest online tools. Listen as other bloggers share their own experiences to helps entrepreneurs improve their businesses.

94. Rise to the Top The Rise To The Top is the source for education and programming for emerging and established entrepreneurs. Offers a  blend of business, education, entertainment, lifestyle and fun by delivering in-your-face information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

95. Circle One Connect Connects entrepreneurs and small business owners with innovative, current, and entertaining resources on multiple ways that the internet and Web 2.0 technologies can help any business model.

96. Everyday Entrepreneurship A practical resource for growing and managing your business. Each blog post is dedicated to educating and informing you about entrepreneurial issues in an effort to ensure your success as a business owner and manager.

97. Mike Stopforth An entrepreneur, writer and speaker who helps companies recieve value from Web 2.0* trends and technologies to create a smarter and more profitable businesses. Web-based communities and hosted services such as social-networking sites, wikis, and blogs facilitate sharing among users.

98. Venture Hacks Run by a team of successful entrepreneurs and investors. This is definitely a great resource to gain knowledge from.

99. The Internet Entrepreneur Resources Blog Keeps you abreast of additions and changes that effect small business and entrepreneurs. You can receive free resources, business ideas, marketing tools, and more.

100. BeRelevant! Each and every one of these articles, tools and resources have been carefully selected by the author of this blog. There are reviews based on their value and uniqueness.

Entrepreneurship can prove to be a turning point in your life if given careful consideration. Honing in on these entrepreneurial skills can be quite a challenging task but you can develop them by learning, practicing, determination, and a little help from the blogs above.