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Below you will find reviews for 10 of the top accredited online degrees. By simply clicking on the "Click Here" buttons next to the schools you are interested in, you can receive free information on enrollment and financial aid.

The is mt5 halal's numerous accredited online degree programs are both flexible and affordable programs that are designed for students looking to get a degree as conveniently as possible.

Liberty University's caters to the busy student by offering degrees on a flexible and accelerated pace. Liberty is committed to delivering high-quality education in a welcoming, Christian setting.

DeVry University's online degree programs have a great academic reputation for giving students the educational background they need to achieve their career goals along with being affordable and flexible.

Everest University provides students with the career training they need for lifelong success. The instructors have industry-specific expertise so that students will gain practical job skills that can't be learned from a textbook.

South University offers accredited online degree programs that are designed for students looking for flexibility, affordability, and speed. These programs allow students to achieve their educational goals.

American InterContinental University helps students all over the world gain the skills essential for success. AIU delivers hands-on education so that students will be prepared for the job market as soon as they graduate.

Ashford University offers students accredited online degrees that are designed to help students earn their degrees online as quickly and affordably as possible.

Virginia College Online offers accredited online degree programs that are designed for students looking for degree programs which can be completed as affordably and efficiently as possible.

Kaplan University offers accredited online degrees that are both flexible and affordable which allow students to reach their career goals by having the necessary credentials and skills.

Westwood College offers a national name, affordability, and flexible class schedules with all of its online degree programs.

10 Places to Help Find a Home for Your Writing

Getting published can end up metamorphosing into a nightmare even more stressful and frustrating than the act of writing itself. With so ready to exploit aspiring professional writers and prey upon their eagerness to see their names and visions in print. Even finding a legitimate home for a story, no matter its structure or content, requires Herculean feats of time-consuming research. Fortunately, a number of websites and magazines have dedicated their time, money, and server space to help writers work through the publication process, network with colleagues and publishers alike, and find a reliable, honest agent. Every one of them makes for an indispensable resource when searching for a place for the written word to call home.

1. NewPages: One of the most comprehensive, intelligent, and engaging websites on publishing anywhere, NewPages’s main draw is its massive listing of literary magazines and alternative presses. Each entry comes accompanied by a sample cover, contact information, a discussion of target audiences and preferred content, submission requirements, contests, and information on recent issues. Poets, artists, short story writers, and essayists benefit especially from this well-researched, fervently updated site. Beyond the fantastic literary magazine directory, NewPages also posts contests and calls for submissions from the aforementioned periodicals as well as As if this did not make for enough valuable content, the site includes a podcast, fantastic resources for writers, links to independent book stores, a blog, book and magazine reviews, and even a page dedicated to independent record labels in addition to everything else.

2. Optimum Wound: In a blog dated March 17, 2009, editor Jason Thibault from the tiny independent comic book publishing house Optimum Wound posted submission guidelines for every single comic book, graphic novel, and manga publisher he could find. While the content is subject to change over time, his exhaustive labor of love makes for the most valuable resource for any aspiring or established comic book, manga, or graphic novel writer with a story to tell. He starts off his post with advice and tips on getting the most out of his research, then follows through with an excruciatingly useful bombardment of every publisher he could find, organized into major printers, independents, presses focusing exclusively on one or two genres, anthologies, manga, distributors, adult entertainment, books, and magazines. Alongside each entry comes a paragraph (or two, or three detailing the business’s content preferences and submission requirements along with a link useful when checking for any updates he may have missed.

3. The Freelance Writing Jobs Network: A collective of seven blogs and a thriving community, the Freelance Writing Jobs Network covers every possible angle of the titular business. It offers practical and intelligent advice to amateurs and professionals alike and allows for readers to ask questions and gain valuable insight on both writing and publishing. Every day, the site posts up leads for writing jobs as well as blogs, magazines, and other periodicals in need of articles or essays. Ghost writing gigs pop up on occasion, too. Pay very close attention to some of the listings, however. Though many positions allow for a telecommute option, some publishers have geographical limitations and requirements for applicants.

Source: Wikipedia

4. Writer’s Digest: The quintessential analog resource for writers now publishes many of its celebrated magazine’s content for free (with additional features available through a paid membership online. Writer’s Digest offers pretty much everything any writer needs to launch a rewarding and successful career – it is such an indispensable and unquestioned necessity for anyone hoping to sell their writing that statement only narrowly avoids steering off into hyperbole. Along with the articles, blogs, directories, contests, and shops common to many expert sites, the magazine also hosts several conferences, workshops, and events throughout the year. They also grant annual awards to the best literature and publishing websites on the internet. No writers’ mailbox or bookmark list is complete without this priceless font of information and opportunity.

5. Books and Tales: An admittedly incomplete database, Books and Tales nevertheless features a valuable and detailed service. Many print on demand, or POD, publishers – occasionally referred to by the epithet “vanity presses” – operate as fronts for a variety of scams. This site offers side-by-side comparisons of PODs for those interested in exploring the self-publishing route. They delve into the prices, author benefits, contracts, royalties, and highly specific positives and negatives of each publisher. In spite of not covering every POD business available, the information they do provide still stands as a revealing and extremely helpful resource to help prevent would-be writers from falling victim to an exploitative ruse. Books and Tales also hosts several articles in addition to a community devoted entirely to self-publishing and POD businesses.

6. Preditors & Editors: Like Books and Tales, Preditors and Editors dedicates its time, money, and server space to protecting the rights of writers everywhere. They host a massive collection of links to publishers with sterling or, at minimum, neutral reputations, with those deemed suspicious both explicitly labeled in the directory as well as sequestered in a separate portion of the site. This service concerns itself especially with the copyright and ownership issues common to the publishing industry. However, it also offers more specialized lists targeting screenwriters, game scripters, journalists, editors, and musicians as well. Links to contests, conventions, festivals, chat rooms, and forums are available for writers seeking networking opportunities.

Source: Wikipedia

7. Agent Query: When the personal search for a reliable publisher starts yielding fruitless results, a literary agent may be able to help. The publishing process is a grueling, exhausting test of mental and emotional strength, but having an agent opens up many opportunities that self-representation cannot provide. Enthusiastically approved by Writer’s Digest, Agent Query screens thousands of agents and allows the legitimate ones to create profiles in a searchable database. With an incredibly easy and specific interface, writers can connect with agents specializing in their chosen genres or living in their own city for easier access. It provides one more breezy and painless method of easing the stresses associated with publishing.

8. Query Tracker: Agents and publishers alike register here to meet with potential clients, and Writer’s Digest has labeled Query Tracker an absolute necessity for all hopeful writers. In addition to their search services, this site allows users to organize and keep track of which agents and publishers they have contacted and corresponded with and which pitches and queries still need to be sent out. Listings for agents and presses both provide statistics on concerns such as response times, submissions, and preferred genres, and users can post comments regarding their experiences in dealing with them. Like Agent Query, all of the information on Query Tracker remains entirely free of charge as a much-needed relief for writers.

9. WritersNet: In many ways, writing is really no different than many traditionally structured jobs with 8-hour days whittled away inside a soulless cubicle. Networking remains an integral aspect of the business, and without forging meaningful connections with contemporaries, publishers, editors, and agents a writer cannot expect to succeed or function. It pays to send the ego off with a one-one ticket to Splitsville and a suitcase full of spite, and once that is accomplished WritersNet grants users a bevy of opportunities to learn about what agents and publishers alike are looking for. Some of the connections forged on this site may mean the difference between a manuscript rotting sadly in a dusty, forgotten box and a national bestseller.

10. The Write Jobs: In addition to the Freelance Writing Jobs Network, The Write Jobs is a necessary stop when making the rounds to discover what blogs, magazines, websites, and other publications currently offer gigs for writers. However, the latter tends to feature more permanent and full-time positions than the former. Each job listing is filed under one of six different categories – freelance, journalism, medical, publishing industry, technical, and telecommute – and features an interface similar to Craigslist. While the focus lay predominantly with job postings, The Write Jobs does offer some degree of advice for those seeking employment, exposure, or portfolio padding.

Source: Wikipedia

The decision to publish, either through a POD or a more traditional press, can be wrought with a frustrating number of setbacks and seemingly dead-end research. Luckily, the internet plays host to a multitude of websites catering to any question or concern that aspiring writers may have. From providing information on agents and publishers to screening potentially fraudulent offers to simply dispensing sound advice on what to expect when venturing forth into the industry, every one of these sites makes for a resource of value to both amateur to experienced writers alike. Taking advantage of what they generously have to offer significantly eases the anxieties inherent in the quest to find a home for an essay, article, novel, short story, or graphic novel. Without networking, without researching, without learning every nuance and subtlety and corner of the publishing industry, the chances of missing out on a potentially fortuitous opportunity swells considerably.

Top 20 Personal Expenses You Can Cut This Year to Save $1,000

Think “a penny saved is a penny earned” is too old fashioned? Then check out these expenses that are actually making you poorer and how you can turn pennies into retirement money. These are the top 20 personal expenses you can cut to save $1,000 a year at least, along with tips on what to do with that money.

Top DIY Expenses You Can Cut This Year

Don’t pay someone else to do what you can easily do yourself and easily save $1,000 a year.

1. Knowing is half the battle. Many people get or stay in debt because they don’t know what they are spending their money on and how much of it is being spent. Get started by visiting a site like Xpenser to manage your expenditures online for free.

2. Be your own handyman. Install lights, repair leaks, paint, and other DIY projects can easily save hundreds of dollars. The DIY Network has hundreds of guides on projects you can do yourself with little or no experience. For example, fixing a leaky toilet yourself can easily save $100.

3. Weatherize. Whether looking to go green or just save money, weatherizing your home can add up to hundreds in savings. And it only takes something as simple as caulking and installing weather stripping. See DoItYourself for a complete and easy to follow guide. If this cuts ten percent off of an energy bill of $200, average yearly savings are $240.

4. The salon. Wait times are horrible, prices are insane, and who was using those items before you where are all good reasons to avoid or cut down on the salon. Visit here to get a six step guide to a facial at home from talk show host Jenny Jones or here to get a video that shows how to do your very own French manicure at home. Skipping six facials and six manicures a year at $50 and $30 a pop, comes to a yearly savings of $480.

5. Shop outside of the box. Going down to the local mall can add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year. Know what you want before you go, or try a site like Overstock that has tons of bargains. Go further outside the box by stopping by Unclaimed Baggage Center to view thousands of lost items for sale on the cheap or even find your own missing bags.

Top Food Expenses You Can Cut This Year

Everyone has to eat but not everyone has to go broke because of it. These are the best ways to cut food expenses to save even more.

6. Stay home. Studies show that families can easily spend $5,000 a year on food and an average of 40 percent of the budget is spent on eating out at restaurants, fast food, etc. Cutting the frequency of eating out by half or going to a site like can save you big bucks. Purchasing $25 gift cards for $10 on this site for every other meal eaten out once a week can yield a yearly savings of $360.

7. Cook better. Making recipes from scratch can not only be more fulfilling and healthy, it can also be much cheaper. There are many excellent sites, such as The 99 Cent Chef with loads of help for cooking on a budget. Want something more upscale? Try The Cheap Gourmet for recipes, shopping tips, and even a contest.

8. Don’t cook. While it is vastly cheaper than cooking out, many families and neighbors are now forming a cooking co-op. This is where one family cooks meals for the entire co-op one night a week and the others do the same. Families can actually save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars this way. Visit My Night To Cook for more information on getting started, as well as recipes.

9. Shop smarter. According to eXtension News, knowing what to buy and making fewer trips can add up to $10 more for grocery bills on impulse buys. Families who shop for food only once or twice a month stand to save a yearly average of at least $180.

Top Entertainment Expenses You Can Cut This Year

Living cheaply doesn’t necessarily mean enjoying life less. Visit these sites to get top notch entertainment at a fraction of the price.

10. Volunteer at your favorite venue. Because play, opera, and symphony tickets can be massively expensive, try ushering or tearing tickets at your favorite venue. A few minutes of work before and after a show can add up to big savings a year. Visit Volunteer Match if you need help getting started. Tickets average $50 per person, once a month, and half of the time spent volunteering, means an individual can save $300 a year.

11. Movies. With tickets easily costing over $10 for an adult, plus drinks, snacks, parking, etc. this can expense can add up to hundreds of dollars a year. Instead of waiting for the video release, you can visit a site such as Only Free to get offers on free tickets. With an average visit to the movies costing $30, twelve times a year, cutting that in half equals an average savings of: $180.

12. Books. With new releases averaging $25 for a hardcover and $15 for a paperback, reading can be an educational, yet expensive habit. Inexpensive alternatives include going to the library or getting the book for free online from a site such as Books-On-Line. People who buy one book a month and do this half the time stand to save $120 yearly.

13. Travel smart. Doing your research and shopping around can save you big bucks on your travel expenses. One of the best sites for this is Yapta, which can track the price for a specific flight, hotel, and even refund the difference of the price when it drops. Average savings from using this site: $306.

Top Medical Expenses You Can Cut This Year

With medical costs going up and a higher percentage of family budgets being put towards them, it makes more sense than ever to know and utilize top medical expenses you can cut.

14. Go generic. These prescription drugs are made to the same standards of name brand, but can cost significantly less. According to the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, the average price of a generic prescription was $34.34 in 2007, compared to $119.51 for the name brand. Co-pays for generic drugs are usually $10, while ranging from $30 to $55 for a name brand. Yearly savings for just one prescription: $1,022.04 or $390 for those with a co-pay.

15. Know where to buy. Now that you know what kind of prescription to buy, taking it to the corner pharmacy may not be your best bet. Although some offer enticing incentives to fill new prescriptions, when it comes time for that first or second refill, your savings may be gone. Try visiting a site like Pharmacy Checker to get the prices on many popular prescriptions from mail-order pharmacies.

16. Go where you’re needed. With some doctors taking weeks for a visit, many patients believe the emergency room is there only option. With visits tending to cost $300 to $1,000 out of pocket, it makes sense to consider a non-emergency facility or convenience clinic when the situation is urgent but not an emergency. These visits can cost $150 and $50 respectively. Average yearly savings for one avoided ER visit: $550.

17. Read your bill. Most people read their bill at a restaurant to make sure it is accurate but fail to do the same when thousands of dollars are at stake at a hospital or other medical expense. Read it over, and if you don’t understand or agree with something, call the facility for an explanation. If not satisfied, stop by a site such as Bill Advocates to get help in reducing your medical debts or even to take an educational online class.

What To Do With The Cut Personal Expenses

Make your cut personal expenses start working for you for a change by checking out these top ways to spend your saved money.

18. Invest! Despite a down market, it is not unreasonable to expect a seven percent returns from a conservative mix of bonds and stocks over a period of 15 years. Cool Investing is an excellent site for first timers who want to learn more about stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and other investments.

19. Refinance. Those with adjustable rates or even fixed can save tons of money by refinancing a home loan. A site like Bankrate has much more information on loans of varying types.

20. Get a CD. This sort of investment is ideal for those with little cash to invest and can even be insured by the FDIC. Stop by Bankaholic to learn more about CD’s and even get a current list of the top 25.

Just from the calculations alone in the above, the average family stands to save $3,206 a year from these top 20 personal expenses to cut this year. Whether you need to get out of debt, save up a down payment, or plan for retirement, this is serious money to do just that.

100 Best iPhone Apps for Academic Types

There’s an iPhone app for just about anything these days, so of course many in the academia world are taking notice. These applications represent a new age of study for those recognizing the importance of technology and social media. The iPhone can be an invaluable resource for almost anyone in the academic field.  Whether being used for studying, reference, teaching, reading, note taking, quizzes, or networking, the below list provides you with the apps that can help.

Keeping Up With Your Studies

Make studying easier by using your iphone as a studying aid.  The below apps can appease the most hectic studying schedules.

1. iFlipr Flashcards You need all the help you can get studying for that final. Use these flashcards when it comes to drilling and memorization.

2. StudySets – Psychology Lite Psychology lovers will appreciate this application. There is an abundance of psychology learning resources.

3. Free Wi-Fi finder Use this tool to find places you can bring your laptop to study. This way you will know before you get there and take away the hassle.

4. Brain Tutor 3D If you are studying Anatomy or a pre-med students then this is the app for you. Now you can study anatomy, brain terms, and more.

5. Mathemagics Lite Stuck on a math problem?  Using this app will help you figure out squares, complicated multiplication problems and more.

6. Cram A study tool on which users can create flash cards and multiple choice tests with automatically randomized answers. These study aids can be shared with friends and synced to the offline Mac OS version.

7. Answers: powered by Yahoo! Answers This app opens your iPhone to Yahoo! Answers portal so that you can ask questions about anything.

8. Pocket Lawyer Lite Law and political science students can use this real-life law reference as a study tool, too.

9. gFlash + Flashcards and Tests Create your own flashcards and share them with study partners.

10. Free Spanish Tutor This Spanish tutor features native speaker audio, puzzle games, multiple choice quizzes, and more.

11. Art Lite Study the histories, works and significance of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, van Gogh, and Cezanne. Great for those majoring in the arts.

12. Accela Study Vocab Builder Students studying for the GRE or GMAT will appreciate this tool that allows them to study anywhere and anytime.

Calendars & Organization

Use these apps to organize your academic as well as your personal life.

13. Google Calendar If you’re already using Google Calendar why not take it on the road? Use this app to keep track of your important dates.

14. Attendance Countdown Find out exactly how many hours you’re studying by tracking your time with this app.

15. iProcrastinate Mobile Anyone who has an issue with putting off tasks will benefit from iProcrastinate Mobile. The free app offers easy task management for the most daunting of schedules.

16. Harvest Time & Expense Tracker Track how much you’re spending on your education and other related expenses. This app even provides you with a bar graph to show what you’re spending the most on.

17. 30Boxes This calendar app will help you stay on top of assignments and meetings. There is also a countdown to help you with those deadlines.

18. Remember the Milk Many students and teachers may already be using this great application. With the iPhone version you can take it with you anywhere.

19. Smart ToDo Manage your to-do list with notes and due dates. This way you should never have a reason for that homework assignment to be late.

20. iStudent Input your class schedule and important events into this student centered to do list that tracks assignments, holidays and more.

21. Organizer Lite View several organizers in a single, streamlined display with this app. You can manage a calendar, appointments, contacts and more.

22. To Do’s Customize your to-do list according to priority level. This makes it easy to keep track of items on your to-do list and get those important things done on time.

Reading & Books

These applications make reading and finding books a bit simpler.

23. iReading Find books by author or title, read them at any time, and add to your personal list of favorites. This app remembers the spot you finished reading each time and will keep that spot next time you load up the same book.

24. Stanza Designed for reading digital publications, including electronic books, newspapers, PDFs, and general web content. This interface is organized and easy to read.

25. Free iPhone eBooks Turn your phone into a free eBook reader. Choose from a growing selection of free eBooks.

26. CliffNotes To Go Read the most popular CliffNotes from your iPhone. Read titles such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Macbeth, and the Adventures of Huckleberry Fin.

27. Read It Later Pro Saves web pages to read later in place of bookmarks. Downloads your list of stuff you want to read for offline viewing so you can read it even when you do not have an internet connection.

28. WOWIO Mobile Get access to hundreds of high-quality eBooks from leading publishers, all for free. Choose from a wide range of titles in graphic novels, works of literature, and other popular works.

29. BookBargain A free shopping search utility that tracks down and gives you the best prices on books online at popular stores like Amazon in multiple countries like USA, Japan, UK, France, Germany, and Cananda.

30. Reader Start reading your books on your iPhone. Now all your books will always available on your book shelf and can be easily opened with a single touch. Quickly paste entire books into your reader.

31. Get all the Books Read news feeds from The New York Review of Books, The New York Times Book Review, The Washington Post Book Review, Powell’s Books, New Online Books, and

32. Iceberg Reader An electronic book reader which the experience of reading books to the mobile space. You can get books when you want, wherever you want.

33. 150 Plus Great Books Get over 150 full-text classics with this app including titles such as Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Letter, and The Call of the Wild.

Brain Games, Quizzes, & Tools

Academic types will love these apps that will keep your brain working overtime.

34. Graphing Calculator Turns your iPhone into a high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator. This way you will always have the answers you need.

35. IQ-Test How smart are you? Take this test to evaluate your IQ and exercise your brain.

36. iTranslate This free iPhone app can translate text into 42 different languages. This is great for philosophy enthusiasts needing Greek.

37. GMAT Practice Quiz Use your iPhone to study for the GMAT when you use this tool.

38. SAT Vocabulary Builder Word power alone won’t get you an A on that paper, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Though designed with students in mind, Vocabulary Builder has tools that can help anyone learn big, fancy words.

39. KuGon With this app, you can improve your memory skills, thinking, and speed.

40. TouchCalc Multi-modes make this tool ideal for anyone in academia from beginning to advanced. It also has a scientific mode that offers all the usual functions and operations.

41. Make U Sound Smart 100 Words to Make You Sound Smart is an iPhone app sold in the App Store based on the book. Whether you need to give a speech, write a paper, you’ll be on your way to sounding articulate, educated, and literate.

42. Brain Tuner Put your mind to work and stay fresh with this brain teasing app that will definitely keep you on your toes.

Documents & Writing

These applications can make it easier to develop writing ideas as well as view various documents while on the go.

43. DocViewer Want to read over your paper one last time before you present it? This app lets you see the document right on your phone.

44. Text Editor Works to fix the small key problems big fingers have. With Text Editor, each key is two times as large as the typical iPhone’s keys making it much easier to type longer essays.

45. PDF Reader Pro Download this application so you’ll be able to read PDF files over your iPhone.

46. Readdle Docs This application is all about helping you organize your documents from email, your computer or the web.

47. Thesaurus Make your papers better than the rest. Retrieve the synonym for every word. If available you will get antonyms, related terms, similar words, and user suggestions.

48. iSpreadsheet If you need to be able to examine spreadsheets on your phone, try out this application.

49. IdeaGenerator By stroking or shaking the screen, three random words appear, taken from lengthy word lists. These random words are designed to spark creative connections in your brain thereby leading to great writing ideas.

50. Instapaper If you find something important during your browsing or have information that you need to deal with later, this application lets you store it an access it at a later time.

51. OpenClip Offers a convenient way to copy and paste on your iPhone. Use this tool for all your writing needs.

52. Documents To Go While working on anything from an AP History essay to a Masters’ thesis, bring your .doc or .docx files along for the ride and store them in full formatted glory.

News & Current Events

Stay updated with current events and the latest news with these apps.

53. Huffington Post A free app that updates you on the latest news and blog posts at the A wide range of topics, including sections devoted to politics, entertainment, media, living, business, and the green movement is covered.

54. Wall Street Journal Delivers the latest global news, financial events, market insights and information to keep you ahead of the curve. Get the information you depend on plus entertainment, culture, and sports coverage from one of the most credible source for news and information.

55. NYTimes Receive your news from the New York Times online for free with this app.

56. CBS News Get the CBS website all on your iPhone. News is presented in categories like Top Stories, U.S., World, Politics, SciTech, Health, Business, Strange, Travel and Opinion.

57. iWeather An easy and fast way to find out what’s going on with weather around the country. This app informs you with NOAA animated Doppler and satellite radar from across the United States.

58. BNO News This app uses push notifications to send news headlines to your phone from the BNO News Headquarters, one of the fastest sources for breaking news. When major stories happen, you will stay up to date at your desk or on the go.

59. NBC on iPhone Browse the NBC news website which features all their popular shows like Tonight on NBC, featured Videos, and recaps. View a list of upcoming events and hot topics.

60. Discovery Channel Gives you access to daily news stories, quizzes, photos, TV schedules and more. This app will definitely satisfy your curiosity and immerse you in the how and why.

61. Washington Post Take The Washington Post with you throughout your day on your iPhone. It’s all the news and information you want and need whether you’re busy studying or on the run.

62. USA TODAY Now breaking news is available at the touch of your hand. Stay in touch with all the latest breaking news 24×7.

Teaching Tools

If you’re a teacher looking to motivate your students, these app offer opportunities for lessons, assignments, and more.

63. iClckr PowerPoint Remote Whether you’re presenting for school or work, this tool can help make the process seamless with slide changing capabilities right on your phone.

64. Formul8 – Formulas for Math, Science, & Chemistry Get the most popular formulae for algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and more with this app.

65. WordPress With this app you’ll be able to blog from anywhere, share your ideas and make sure your site stays updated. Great for students and teachers alike.

66. The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms Both avid readers and literature buffs will benefit from this comprehensive text that provides insight into almost 1,200 troublesome literary terms.

67. Keynote Remote For those who give a lot of presentations, this tool can be well worth the cost. It allows users to remotely change slides in keynote using an iPhone.

68. US Presidents. Learn all about the US presidents with this app that offers information in a flashcard format.

69. Chemistry Formulas This app provides an instant library of formulae that also allows you to add your own descriptions on each entry.

70. The World Factbook ‘09. With information for over 250 countries and territories around the world, learn plenty about geography.

71. WorldBook – This Day in History. This interactive calendar is powered by World Book Encyclopedia and features historical information for each day of the year.

72. Math Quizzes for All Ages. This app will help you practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, and square roots.


With some help from these apps, you can quickly be connected to a number of reference materials.

73. USA Factbook Free Great for anyone in a civics, history or political science courses that covers the U.S. This reference packet lets you access key documents, lists of the flags, state capitals and other stats.

74.Wikipanion Look up facts and find information for class or just to settle an argument between friends with this application that makes it easy to browse and search through Wikipedia on your iPhone.

75. WeatherCycopedia Everything you ever wanted to know about weather concepts and terminology. Thousands of topics are explained to you in an easy to understand language, supported by vivid graphics and animations.

76. Google Mobile App With this search tool you’ll be able to find and access loads of information.

77. iHistory An educational and informative reference app about the world we live in. The topics are Art, Military/War, Inventions and Great Cities.

78. Roget’s II – New Thesaurus This app provides the full text in an interactive platform for a complete thesaurus experience that also works along with the American Heritage Dictionary.

79. 15,000 Useful Phrases Anyone in academia of any kind will love this app that will help select the perfect phrase for any occasion.

80. Find Out Brings information to your fingertips wherever it is. It searches through great amounts of data out there on the Internet and matches it to your specific requirements.

81. Everyone needs a good dictionary and this app includes more than 275,000 definitions and 80,000 synonyms. It also includes audio pronunciations and similarly spelled words.

82. Linguo This app can translate in 25 languages, and has 400 audio clips in French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian. You can send translation results via email, or save them in the application.

Note Taking

Note taking can be tedious. Record and jot down your ideas and thoughts with these time saving apps.

83. VoiceNotes A free voice recorder that allows you to make a quick note out of something. There’s no better way to do it than by speaking it into your iPhone for later reference.

84. Evernote Create, edit, and organize your notes. This app will always make sure that your notes stay synced as long as you have an internet connection handy.

85. Documents To Go Want to go to the beach with the girls but have some academic obligations. Take your Word, Excel, PDF, and other documents to the beach with you on your iPhone using this app.

86. Dexy Get convenient free-form note organization with this application. Now you can keep record of all those wonderful thoughts you have throughout the day.

87. Jott Make it easy for you to take notes on your iPhone. Tap the record screen and record a note with your voice. It will turn your voice memo into text and appear moments later in a notepad on the screen.

88. Simple Notes is a very easy and straightforward Application, which helps you to note your thoughts as fast and easy as possible. There are many applications to write down some text, but none of those are that easy, fast and intuitive as.

89. iTalk Recorder Whether for recording a brilliant idea or holding on to the inspiration that struck, a voice-recording app is essential. This one’s free, and it lets you append text notes to your voice notes.

90. YouNote With this app, you can take notes by drawing, typing, or recording. Great for those long lectures.

91. Writing Pad Swipe your finger across the letters that make up the word you want, and WritingPad will guess what word it is. You can also type normally if you want to.

92. Fliq Notes A fast and easy way to create save and sort notes and memos by name, category or date. You can also send notes to other Fliq users too.


Keeping up with colleagues and peers is often put to the side in the busy academic world. Use these apps to keep in contact.

93. Facebook If your students or peers are on Facebook, you can keep them updated through this app. Get quick access to your Facebook status updates, friends, messages and more.

94. Twitterific Network with colleagues around the globe who are in similar professional positions or share a common education and technology interests.      

95. Fring With Fring, you can connect to all your instant messaging services at once so you can keep in touch with anyone, anywhere.

96. LinkedIn Though this service is mostly a social networking for business people, it is still used by many in academia as a way to network and keep up with contacts.

97. TwitterFon If you just can’t stop twittering, this application will make it even easier to do while you’re on the go.

98. Whiteboard Collaborative Drawing With this tool you can work with others on studies, research, and projects right on your iphones.

99. Fuze Lite Check out this tool to keep in touch with associates through just about every instant messaging service including AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk and Jabber.

100. Birdhouse This app is similar to Twitter but with a slight twist, Birdhouse lets you jot down information and save it until you’re ready to share it.

Whether you are a professor, librarian, or other educator, the iphone is a great tool for learning. Almost all of the apps we have listed above are available to you for free or little cost.

75 Awesome Tools, Games, and Links for Word Lovers

Are you a Lingo expert? What about a master at crossword puzzles or word searches? Want to expand your vocabulary? Take a look at this list of online word games, wordy goodies and word references that will derail you from doing what you’re supposed to do, like work, for instance.

Word Lover Do-Dads & Cool Stuff

1. Merriam-Webster Word of the Day – Learn a new word every day and try to use it in a sentence while conversing.
2. Learning Vocabulary Fun – This is a way to enhance your vocabulary while having a little fun.
3. – Another good website to learn new vocabulary words and how to use them in context.
4. Pig Latin – This little translator will take an ordinary word or phrase and translate it into Pig Latin.
5. 100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know – While this book is for sale, it’s a handy reference tool for word junkies and writers.
6. The Word Lover’s Delight: Awesome Adjectives, Nifty Nouns and Vibrant Verbs to Make Your Vocabulary Sizzle – Another book that will give you a sharp vocabulary and keep you away from dull verbs, nouns and adjectives.
7. Word Daze: The Word Lover’s Almanac – This teacher’s blog will have you sharp as a pencil in no time flat.
8. Spelling Center – Learn how to spell words that are most commonly misspelled at the Spelling Center. If you ever had to take a Spelling Bee, you just might ace it after practicing on this website.
9. Spellchecker – Everyone needs a spell checker on occasion. Cut and paste your text to check it for spelling errors.
10. GrammarCheck – Check your grammar and usage here for free.

Word Game Tools and Cheat Sheets

11. Scrabble Helper – Never fear another game of Scrabble again. You can cheat.
12. Crossword Helper – No one will have to know you got a little help on that Sunday paper crossword puzzle.

Dictionaries and Thesauri for Word Lovers

13. Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus – The classic combination.
14. Urban Dictionary – This open dictionary will keep you up to date on the latest slang and technically non-existent words like “fo shizzle.”
15. Merriam-Webster Open Dictionary – Another open dictionary to reference if you can’t find it in the official version.
16. Word – A combination website with a dictionary and thesaurus plus search features.
17. Free Online Rhyming Dictionary – What rhymes with cat? You can find out with this free rhyming dictionary.

Word Game Sites

20. Merriam-Webster Online Game Index
21. Brain Crosswords
22. The Game Show Network – The classic television channel presented online. Play your favorite GSN games like Lingo, Chain Reaction and Wheel of Fortune.
23. A Game A Word Games
24. Free Rice – For every word definition quiz you take, 10 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program to help end world hunger.
25. World English: Word Riddles & Brain Teasers
26. Word Games
27. Big Fish Games: Word Games

Online Word Games

28. Fowl Words 2
29. Hangman
30. Picto Puzzle
31. Code Words
32. Daily Cryptogram
33. Q Box
34. Word Crunch
35. Daily Fill-in
36. Daily Patchwords
37. Fowl Words
38. Word Frenzy
39. Crossword: Flash Game
40. Anagram Alley
41. Brain Buggle
42. Drop Quotes
43. Word Monaco
44. Word Searches
45. Word Wibble
46. Wordo
47. Text Twist 2
48. Word Racer
49. Literati
50. Scrabble Plus
51. Daily Play Four
52. Hollywood Jumble
53. Boggle
54. PictoWords
55. Reader’s Digest Super Word Power
56. Text Twist
57. Wild Wild Words
58. Word Roundup
59. Multi Pop Word
60. Eight Letters in Search of a Word
61. Storyman
62. Definetime
63. Switch Word
64. Words in a Word
65. Word Morph
66. Word Riddles
67. Etymologic

Online Spelling Games

68. Spelldown
69. Keyword
70. Merriam Webster’s SPELL-JAM
71. Letter Lab
72. Spelling
73. Game Aquarium: Spelling Games
74. SpellBee
75. Spelling Bee the Game

50 Firefox Extensions to Turn Google Into the Ultimate Research Tool

Is Firefox the best browser for researching with Google? After you try out these top 50 Firefox extensions for Google research you might just be convinced.

Firefox Extensions to Turn Google Into a Speed Machine

Add a few extra cylinders to your research by checking out these top Firefox extensions to increase speed.

1. Adblock Plus: Hate pages that take forever to download? Then turn on Adblock to get rid of ads and banners. There is even a YouTube video that shows you more.

2. SmarterFox: This all in one tools is a must see for anyone who loves speed. It lets you get faster, parallelized downloads, auto-load the next page when you reach the end, instantly search from the URL bar or pop-up bubble, and more. You can even customize it to your liking to enable or disable any aspect.

3. Hyperwords: Why waste time copying and pasting when Hyperwords does it all? Simply right click any word to get tons of options including references and translate. You can instantly look it up on sites like Wikipedia, Google, and many others.

4. Google Preview: Don’t navigate away from a page until you’re sure with the help of this extension. It inserts preview images and popularity ranks of web sites into the Google and Yahoo search results pages. You can even disable or enable it from your status bar with a click.

5. Cool Previews: Similar to the above, you can preview links and images without leaving your current page or tab. Just mouse over any link, and a separate preview window immediately appears to show you the content. It is also customizable to how and when the preview window opens.

6. Tab Mix Plus: Speed up your tabbed research with the help of this extension and its impressive tabbing capabilities. Features include duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed windows, and much more. It even includes a full-featured session manager with crash recovery.

7. Stumble Upon: Don’t waste time browsing through loads of sites. Stumble Upon automatically discovers web sites based on your interests, learns what you like, and brings you more. There are even recommended sites from over 8 million users.

8. Gmail Manager: Stop navigating away from your research to check the email with the help of this extension. It shows when you receive new mail notifications, along with viewing account details such as unread messages, drafts, spam, space used, and new mail snippets. It even works with multiple Gmail accounts.

Firefox Extensions to Turn Google Into a Download Master

Don’t leave all your research on the web. Use these Firefox extensions to turn online content into offline at lightning fast speeds.

9. FlashGot: Download all the links, movies, and audio clips of a page at the maximum speed with a single click. This extension uses lightweight and reliable external download managers and is a popular choice. It even offers a Build Gallery, which helps to create full media galleries in one page for easy and fast “download all.”

10. Video Download Helper: This extension is an easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of sites. Compatible with YouTube, Myspace, Google videos, DailyMotion, iFilm, and others. It even works for audio and picture galleries.

11. Download Statusbar: Downloads getting in the way of your research? Then get this extension to view and manage downloads from a tidy status bar. The homepage also comes with loads of help for anyone with questions.

12. DownThemAll!: This extension features an advanced accelerator that increases speed up to 400%. It also allows you to pause and resume downloads at any time. A sophisticated window shows you the progress of downloads and gives you many options.

13. Easy YouTube Video Downloader: This extension is ideal for those who work solely within YouTube. It allows you to download videos with a single button as FLV, 3GP, and MP4. The downloader also stands out for its ability to convert into HD.

14. Scrapbook: Save Web pages and manage your collection with this extension. Key features are lightness, speed, accuracy, and multi-language support. You can also save snippets of pages or even the entire site.

15. PDF Download: Bypass those pesky and lengthy PDF downloads with a simple click. You can also save or email a web page as a PDF. Works best with Firefox 2 or Google Chrome.

16. Read It Later: Too busy to read or even view all of that information? Then get Read It Later to save it for you to access whenever you want. New features include one click saving for pages, URLs, and more.

Firefox Extensions to Turn Google Into a Work of Art

Step away from the boring versions of Google and Firefox, and check out these extensions that area a feast for the worn-out eyes.

17. Cooliris: This futuristic 3D wall will have you wondering why you didn’t convert sooner. Effortlessly scroll an infinite wall of your content from Facebook, Google Images, YouTube, Flickr, and hundreds more. There is even an instructional video on the homepage with an impressive demonstration.

18. FoxTab: Similar to the above, a simple key stroke or mouse gesture provides you with a fascinating 3D thumbnail view layout, which then lets you easily flip between your opened tabs. With advanced features such as grouping and filtering pages by title domain or url, FoxTab is an excellent tool for both novice and power users. It even comes with six different layouts to choose from.

19. AnyColor: Change Firefox to Any Color with the help of this extension. It even allows you to create your own personalized theme. Advanced users can tinker with appearance.url, masterCSS, selectedPreset, and more.

20. Personas: Individualize your browser with hundreds of different artist’s designs. It even allows you to customize your own skin for a personalized Firefox experience. Visit the gallery to get dozens of beautiful images.

21. IE View: Do you have a shared computer and one prefers Internet Explorer? Then try IE View which allows the current page or a selected link to be opened in Internet Explorer. Right-clicking a link includes an “Open link target in IE” menu item and other options.

22. Firefox Showcase: Turn your tabs into thumbnails in a single window, tab, or sidebar. It also includes a Find Bar that filters the thumbnails and the capability to select them just like files. It even has a manual if you need more help or want to learn more.

23. Colorful Tabs: Choose the newest version of this extension or get loads of help for Firefox on the homepage. The extension turns each tab a different color for easy viewing and less confusion. There is even a flock version here.

Firefox Extensions to Turn Google Into a Vault

Stop spyware, spam, and more with the help of these Firefox security extensions.

24. NoScript: Winner of the “2006 PC World Class Award,” this tool provides extra protection to your Firefox. It allows JavaScript, Java and other executable content to run only from trusted domains of your choice. It even protects against cross-site scripting attacks and Clickjacking attempts.

25. Xmarks: Formerly known as Foxmarks, this extension helps you keep your bookmarks and passwords backed up and synchronized. You can also backup your information and sync across multiple computers. It even works with Internet Explorer and Safari.

26. WOT: Also known as Web of Trust, it warns you about risky websites that try to scam visitors, deliver malware, or send spam. WOT’s color-coded icons show you ratings for 21 million websites and help you avoid the dangerous sites. There are even up to the minute ratings and comments on the homepage.

27. FEBE: With all these extensions on your computer, losing them due to a crash or error could be devastating. Back them all up using this extension which allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions. It even goes beyond backing up and into rebuilding your extensions and synchronizing your office and home browsers.

28. Close N Forget: Do one simple, yet important, thing with this extension. Close the current tab and “forget” about the visit. It suppress cookies and, if configured so, the whole domain’s pages from the browser’s history.

29. HistoryBlock: Addons like Stealther enable a mode which can be turned on or off, whereas HistoryBlock is constantly blocking blacklisted domains. Click the “Options” button and add a hostname to be blocked. You can also simply right-click on a page and hit “Block This!” to automatically add it to the blacklist.

Firefox Extensions to Turn Google Into a Link Master

Because no research is complete without tons of links, get these Firefox extensions to make the most of them.

30. Linky: Got a Google page with tons of links? Then get Linky to open or download all or selected links. It even works with image links and web addresses found in the text in different tabs or windows.

31. ErrorZilla: Use this Firefox extension for when broken links and error pages show up. It allows you to turn the page into a Google cache, a ping, a trace route, and a whois lookup. It even allows an archival snapshot from the wayback machine.

32. Linkification: Got text on page that you wish was a clickable link? Then use this extension to do just that. It converts text links into genuine, clickable links.

33. ImTranslator: With this extension you can enter multilingual text, translate in different languages, print results, and send email. Compatible with 1,640 languages! It even has spell check and options for unreadable messages. Ideal for links in different languages.

34. Speed Dial: Don’t waste time typing or bookmarking with this extension that gives you direct access to your most visited websites. A Speed Dial button is added to your toolbar and nine different websites can be instantly visited. You can even configure it to open sites in new windows, tabs, and other options.

35. Tagmarks: Add a set of icons to the quick bookmarks, which allow you to quickly add tags by clicking on each icon. It can even assign frequently-used tags to the current URL. You can click on as many tags as you want, and it automatically assigns text tags.

Firefox Extensions to Make Google Fun

Research doesn’t have to be boring anymore by checking out these Firefox extensions.

36. TwitterFox: Don’t lose track of your Twitter updates by getting this extension. It adds a tiny icon on the status bar that notifies you when your friends update their status. You can even use it to update your own tweets.

37. FoxyTunes: Listen to music while you surf the web directly from Firefox with this extension. Get music from almost any media player including iTunes and Windows Media Player. It also finds lyrics, covers, videos, bios, and more.

38. An up and comer in music extensions, gives you access to the extensive music library on, which gives free radio to the U.S., U.K., and Germany. You can also add tags to music, listen to a friend’s favorites, and more.

39. Pencil: This extension turns your Firefox 3 browser into a sketching tool with just a 400-kilobyte installation package. It comes with built in stencils, on screen editing, adding external objects, and more. It also does more complex tasks such as GUI and PNG.

40. Reasy: Sick of reading text? Then download Reasy to make a pop up for any text you select in Firefox and play it to you using Rapid Sequential Visual Presentation. You can even configure the speed at which it reads.

41. PONG!: Try playing a round of this original video game while waiting for a download or inspiration. It allows you to play against people across the world or invite a friend to. There is also the option to customize the game in many ways.

Advanced Firefox Extensions to Turn Google Into the Ultimate Research Tool

Web developers and others will enjoy these extensions to customize Firefox, Google, and the web itself into anything they desire.

42. Grease Monkey: This extension allows you to customize the way web pages look and function using Java. Hundreds of scripts are already available for free. And the advanced user can also write their own.

43. Firebug: Integrate with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while during browsing. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. There is even a Lite Version for IE, Opera, or Safari.

44. Stylish: This extension lets you install and manage user styles. You can fix ugly sites, customize the look of your browser or mail client, or just have fun. There are even scripts already written if you don’t feel like designing your own.

45. ietab: Ideal for Firefox users who run on Windows. If Microsoft isn’t letting you visit from Firefox, get this extension to fool it and others into thinking it’s Internet Explorer. You can even view these IE only pages in a separate tab.

46. Web Developer: Add a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools to Firefox with Web Developer. Work with CSS and more directly from your browser. It even works with Flock, Seamonkey, and all three of the major platforms.

47. FireFTP: Get easy and intuitive access to FTP servers with this extension. Along with transferring your files quickly and efficiently, it also includes more advanced features such as: directory comparison, syncing directories while navigating, remote editing, drag & drop, and much more

48. FoxyProxy: This advanced proxy management replaces Firefox’s limited capabilities. It automates the process of connection settings, gives animated icons, advanced logging, and more. It is even available in 25 different languages.

49. FireShot: Did Google find a page that you want to incorporate into your research? Then use FireShot to not only capture it, but it allows you to quickly modify web captures and insert text and graphical annotations. Useful for web designers, testers, and content reviewers, along with researchers.

50. Ubiquity: You don’t have to be an advanced user to turn Firefox into a custom research tool with this extension. With only a couple keystrokes, it lets you use language to instruct your browser to do tasks such as add maps to your email, edit any page, Twitter, search, and much more. There are even tutorials on how to use, customize, and even author it.

With the days of the library being the only ultimate research tool closed, researchers can now use a combination of Firefox and Google to speed things up, download it all, create artistic images, while remaining safe throughout it all.

50 Exercises You can do at the Library (Without Looking Foolish)

With library shifts easily running eight hours and over, does that time have to be wasted sitting or stacking books? The short answer is “no.” The long answer is: “check out these top 50 exercises you can do at the library, office, or just about anywhere.”

Best Desk Workouts You Can do at the Library

Get the most out of your desk time by trying out these highly recommended, expert exercises.

1. 15- Minute Desk Workout: Coach Nicole is a top expert at SparkPeople, a popular dieting and fitness site. In this short video, she shows you how to workout using items found around any office. A series of ten exercises work all your major muscle groups and end with seated stretches for the deskbound exerciser.

2. Best Exercises to do at Your Desk: “Forbes” magazine shows you how to work out at your desk. There are even tips on simple things you can do to have a healthier day. There is also a picture gallery of the best desk exercises.

. Top to Bottom: Expert trainer Jillian Michaels has appeared on “The Biggest Loser.” In this three minute video, she shows you how to get a complete body workout with a few spare moments and free weights. Worth a look for its ability to workout multiple parts at the same time.

4. Dynamic Sculpt & Stretch: Natalie Yco shows you her professional 10 minute workout to work the entire body. It hits all five major muscle groups and follows up with stretching. Free weights are the only thing you need.

. How to Work Out at Your Desk: MSNBC offers this simple guide to doing just that. Get instruction on the forearm stretch, finger pulls, neck stretch, tendon glides, and the chest stretch. There are also other related links.

6. Desk Workout: Gay Gasper shows you this mini desk workout. In just three minutes, learn a few exercises you can do at any work place. These simple kicks can even be done under a desk without anyone ever knowing.

Best Cardio Workouts You Can do at the Library

If you have a closed space or some free time, check out these workouts to get your heart going and those calories burning.

7. Jump Start Cardio Workout: Coach Nicole guides you through this ten minute workout. Simple cardio exercises are done without the need for equipment. It contains a warm up, workout, and cool down.

8. Cardio Sculpting: This ten minute cardio class will challenge you to work cardio intervals, alternating high intensity drills with short recovery breaks. You’ll sweat, jump, lunge, and even increase your flexibility in minutes. Watch for free or download for $1.99.

9. Bootcamp Calorie Burn: Why pay tons of money for a bootcamp workout when you can train as they do in 30 minutes for free? Kendall’s dynamic moves will get your body pumping in this calorie blasting workout. You just need a small space and a will to work.

Best Pilates Workouts You Can do at the Library

Because they require a small space and little to no equipment, Pilates can be done from any small space, such as an office.

10. Intro to Pilates: In this short video, Coach Nicole explains seven principles that will prevent you from making some common mistakes. Watch so that you can get the most out of your Pilates workouts. Posture, breath, and more are discussed.

11. 10-Minute Pilates Hips & Thighs Workout: This workout will help you strengthen your hips, glutes and thighs. Coach Nicole takes you through one short set of six Pilates exercises. Stretches are also included.

12. 20 Minute Power Pilates: Jessica’s routine will spark up every muscle in your abs, back, legs, hips and arms, while lengthening these muscles and joints. Her clear cues will ensure you get the most out of some classic Pilates moves. Ease back pain and achieve perfect posture to help you look pounds lighter. The preview is free.

13. Less is More Pilates: This video teaches you the fundamentals of controlled movement so you can get the benefits of your practice in the quickest way possible. Lizbeth shows you the routine, needing only a fitness mat. It is also optional if you have a carpeted floor.

14. Desk Pilates: Complete Workout: Pilates instructor Eleanor Gomez demonstrates a simple workout that will help prevent repetitive strain injury, strengthen your spine, and make working easier. Available at Bnet. There are also other related videos in the article.

. Pilates Power: Take your Pilates up a notch with this twenty minute video. Jessica’s powerful routine will spark up every muscle in your abs, back, legs, hips and arms. She also shows you how to lengthen these muscles and joints to give you a long, sleek dancer’s body.

Best Stretches You Can do at the Library

Because injuring yourself is one of the best ways to look foolish, try out these stretches to minimize risk and get the blood flowing.

16. Seated Stretching Routine: This short articles shows you seven stretches that reduce stiffness and tension. They include the neck stretch, triceps, shoulders, and more. There is also a reference guide to stretching.

17. Football Flexibility: Rich Tuten works with the Denver Broncos and shows you how to stretch. Simple moves can be done anywhere with no equipment. Avoid injuries and adapt to any workout with this routine.

18. Running Flexibility: If you’re going for a run during your lunch break, check out this video to make sure you warm up properly. A few simple stretches are shown. Use for before and after a run.

19. Lower Body Stretching: This routine can be done completely standing up with no equipment. Six stretches target thighs, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Proper breathing is also shown.

20. Rhythmic Stretch: Get a groove going while you stretch in this video. Desiree shows you easy and fun ways to stretch. This simple routine will make you feel rejuvenated and radiant afterwards.

21. Upper Body Stretches: This short video begins with a shoulder roll. Another six stretches are shown in the three and a half minute video. Areas stretched include arms, chest, back, and neck.

Best Ab Workouts You Can do at the Library

Be the only one in the library wearing a cut off after taking on these challenging, yet rewarding, exercises.

22. Abs and Chest Combo Exercise: “Men’s Health” shows you this exercise in a short video. Simply choose MH Minute and Fitness to select. It involves an exercise ball and a few reps.

23. 12-Minute Pilates Abs Workout: This workout will help you strengthen your abdominals, obliques, and lower back. Coach Nicole takes you through one short set of eleven Pilates exercises for a complete core challenge. No equipment is needed.

24. Sculpt Abs on the Field: If you have a small grassy area outside of your library, give this workout a try. It is the same one professional baseball players use. A sprint and cardio drill help sculpt abs.

. 10-Minute Crunchless Core Workout: No need for crunches or an exercise ball to do this workout. It strengthens abdominals, obliques, and lower back.

26. Rock Solid Abs: This plan hits your entire core–not just your abs but the muscles that support the spine. Moves can be done freestyle, with a weight, or exercise ball. You can even download the entire thing to your iPod.

27. Get A Flatter Belly: The experts at “Women’s Health” magazine show you four essential workouts for your core. Complete three circuits, resting for 45 seconds between each. Do the workout two or three nonconsecutive days a week.

Best Butt Workouts You Can do at the Library

Face bikini season head on or look great in those jeans with the help of these workouts

28. Butt Blasting Workout: If you’re tired of performing endless squats, then this short, focused workout is for you. These exercises target the gluteus maximus to retain strength and muscle tone. After six minutes of these targeted exercises, you will feel the burn and notice tighter and firmer muscles over time.

29. Butt Workout: Do these moves twice a week to complete this glute camp. There are videos of each move. You can also get a printable version of the workout.

30. 5-Minute Booty Workout with Ball: If you have an office, an exercise ball, and five minutes, this workout is for you. Use this short video to tone your butt and thighs without lunges or squats. The exercises target the gluteus maximus to retain strength and muscle tone.

31. Sculpt Your Butt: Stop by here to get a workout for both your butt and your legs. Five moves are done freestyle or with a stepper. Not only does it build muscle, but it burns calories as well.

32. Booty Burn: In just ten minutes, you’ll zap calories while lifting and tightening your glutes. Cindy increases your strength, power, and heart rate all in one. You’ll maximize your leg strength and boost your glutes and hamstrings.

Best Arm Workouts You Can do at the Library

Whether looking to lose the waddle or tone up, these short, free workouts will have your arms sculpted in no time.

33. 7-Minute Seated Band Resistance Workout: In this workout, Coach Nicole will lead you through a series of upper body exercises that you can do anywhere. Only a resistance band and a small space are needed.

34. Upper Body Towel Workout: Grab a towel and a few minutes to do these challenging arm workouts. Three moves are shown. They include two varying pushups and a towel crunch.

. Arms Workout: These three moves can help you sculpt sexy arms. Three simple moves use only free weights. Complete two or three sets two days a week to get results.

36. Super Shoulders: In one and half minutes, Jillian Michaels’ shows you how to sculpt your shoulders. You only need free weights. Three advanced exercises are shown.

37. Armed and Dangerous: This Jillian Michaels mini workout is targeted for the arms, but works other areas, too. Free weights and jump rope mime are shown. She also gives recommendations on reps.

Best Leg Workouts You Can do at the Library

Don’t ignore your lower body. Try these workouts to get legs to match your arms.

38. Calf Raise With Hop: This exercise is a twist on an old classic. Do with or without a weight depending on your level. A hop is added for better results.

39. Single Leg Squat: For advanced exercisers, this can be the ultimate leg and lower body workout. Muscles, hips, and even posture are challenged. If you can do ten, try adding a pillow underneath your foot.

40. 10 Minute Buns & Thighs: Cindy shows you how to shape the lower body in just ten minutes using no equipment. Several simple exercises will have you feeling the burn in no time.

41. Lean Men Leg Workout: In a little over two minutes Jillian Michaels shows you how to get ripped legs. She shows you the plie, courtesy, and more.

42. Gold Medal Glutes and Legs: Wonder how Olympians work their lower body? Then try these creative and challenging body toning exercises. They will shape your glutes, hamstrings and the smaller muscles surrounding the glutes you need to get the smooth lines of an athlete.

Best Specialty Workouts You Can do at the Library

If you’re looking for something specific, or just a fun workout, try one or all of these mini workouts.

43. Kickbox Workout: Someone making fun of you for working out at the library? Then challenge them to this routine by trainer Amy Dixon. She’ll show you how to perfect your technique for maximum calorie burn.

44. Jump Rope Workout: Coach Nicole again shows you how to do a simple, ten minute workout using only a jump rope. This high intensity workout blasts calories. It can also be done without a jump rope.

45. Agility Workout: Afraid of looking foolish during these workout routines? Then try this 20 minute workout to make you both graceful and toned. Seven different moves use free weights, a basketball, and stepper.

46. Pylo Power: Jillian Michaels’ shows you how the power of jumping can workout your entire body. 180 jumping, the speed skater, and more are shown. She also tells you how many reps to do of each.

47. Kettlebell Workout: It’s basically a medicine ball with a handle attached, but it can tone your entire body. Missy Beaver, a Los Angeles trainer, created a twice-weekly routine that you can do at home. Four steps are shown in diagrams.

48. The Shim Sham Workout: If your library will let you take a ten minute hula hoop break, check this video out. Kelee shows you how to use one to get a fun workout. Hula hooping knowledge is required.

49. Fighting the Freshman 15: Not just for college students, librarians can get it too. Teri shows you body sculpting exercises that are meant to be performed in a small space. This fitness program was specifically designed for coeds by an instructor who has been there and done it herself.

50. Exercise Office Ball Chair: Lifehacker tells you how to use an exercise ball at your desk. It lists the pros and cons. If you are still on the fence, read the 50 comments left by various readers.

Libraries are often seen as dull, droll places with out of shape workers. It doesn’t have to be with the help of these 50 exercises you can do at or around the library. Make sure to consult a physician before beginning a workout plan.

50 Best Websites for Audio Book Addicts

Love reading, but hate the strain on your eyes? Then check out the world of audio books. Not only can you enjoy them without a pair of glasses, but you can listen to them while driving, in the shower, and many other places a traditional book won’t go. If you want to learn more, or simply need to grow your collection, check out these top 50 audio book sites, with everything from the best stores to free books.

Best Stores for Audio Book Addicts

These sites are ideal for finding the newest release or getting recommendations for just the right audio book.
1. Amazon: The leading name in online book selling, Amazon has a special section for audio books. You can grab the latest books or classics on CD, MP3, or as a download. Choose by subject, featured, top ten, best selling, and more.

2. This site contains a large selection of both new and used audio books. You can buy, rent, download, or even trade items. They even have certain collections on sale.

3. The Talking Book Store: There are over 8,000 downloadable audio books to choose from including hundreds of foreign language study courses on this site. The Highly Recommended section has downloads for just $0.95 and up. You can also get a buying guide, help for downloading, and instructions on how to burn a CD.

4. Barnes & Noble: With a special section for audio books, you can find tens of thousands of titles. Browse the latest titles by subject or best sellers. They also have tons of books in other formats as well.

5. Audio Editions: In addition to the usual media, you can also find books on tape at this site. You can view the bestsellers, as well as preview the upcoming releases. There is also a book outlet with audio books priced 35 to 70 percent off.

6. Audio Books Online: The site shows you ten ways to save right on their homepage. You can also choose a variety of subjects biography to war. They also have an “Audie” award where they list their favorite books.

7. AudioBooksCorner: The site contains over 10,000 titles available by author or titles. You can also get books from around the world on this site. They even have a free section with many items available at no charge.

8. On this site, you can choose to rent, buy, or download audio books. Each choice is discussed in further detail and start $7.95. They also have a top 20 section if you need help selecting a book.

Best Free Sites for Audio Book Addicts

Got a classic or public domain book you’ve been dying to listen to? Then visit these sites to find it and many other books without spending a single penny.
9. AudioBooksForFree: The title says it all, you can find thousands of audio books on this site for download at no charge. Choose from fiction, non-fiction, children’s, or even music on the site. Before you download a book, it will also tell you the gender of the author or narrator and if the book has explicit content.

10. LibriVox: This site provides free audio books from the public domain, many of which involve classic works. Volunteers record chapters on the site, and you can even learn more about becoming one. They also have a podcast to give you the latest in their audio books.

11. Free Classic Audio Books: You can download your first audio book straight from their homepage. Formats include MP3 and M4B. Sample titles include “Huckleberry Finn,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “The King James Bible.”

12. Visit her for a wide selection of audio books at no charge. You can also get links to popular paid books, along with a best seller list. There are even free samples of best selling books for the viewing.

13. Books Should Be Free: Tough to argue with that, this site delivers just what it promises. They have the most popular downloads available directly on the homepage. Be sure to check out their top 50 books for even more.

14. Free-Books: This site has a readily available index with 23 choices right on the homepage. These books are available as “read and listen” or as an MP3 download. You can also get other free services on this site such as historical photos and immersion learning.

15. Project Gutenberg: A leading site for free eBooks, you can also get audio at no charge. Choose from computer generated or human read. You can also download thousands of text only books as well.

16. Podiobooks: Get serialized audio books in podcast form on this site. There are currently 6,878 episodes available for download in 335 titles. You can check out their most popular selections, or connect with other audio book fans on the site.

Best Devices for Audio Book Addicts

Now that you have some audio books, you need something to hear them on. Check out the below for the best in audio book products and accessories.
17. Kindle: Starting at $299, this iPod for books can hold 1,500 items. Features include wireless service that lets you download without a computer or Wifi, free book samples, and a huge selection of different reading materials. Best of all, audio book lovers will enjoy the read-to-me feature which translates text to speech.

18. Playaway: This device is preloaded with audio books and looks a lot like a Walkman. In addition to personal use, the device is also utilized for schools, libraries, and the military. Available only for rental.

19. M-Audio: Visit here to get the latest in audio technology for your computer or mobile device. They sell state of the art headphones, speakers, and more. Be sure to check out the resources section for more information.

20. Sony Reader: Similar to the Kindle, this reader starts at $279. You can get it in a variety of styles and colors as well. There are also books for sale and special offers as well.

21. MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter: Got an iPod, MP3 audio book, and no way to connect them? Then get this free download to convert that download into an iPod friendly file. It also works with WMA, M4A, WAV, OGG, and more.

22. Exact Audio Copy: This is an audio grabber for CDs using standard CD and DVD-ROM drives. Use it to grab the audio off of any book and save into the format of your choice. The download is free for non-commercial purposes and comes with useful guides.

Best Rental Sites for Audio Book Addicts

Wish Netflix rented books? Then check out the below for the best in audio book rentals with many similar features.
23. Audible: A subscription service, Audible allows you to choose from 60,000 titles for one monthly fee. With a simple download, you can get magazines, radio shows, comedy, and speeches in addition to books for listening at your leisure. There is also a section for kids and the first three months are only $7.49 a month.

24. The Audio Book Store: This store allows you to choose whether you would like to download a single book, or rent unlimited books on CD with a monthly membership. They have 60,000 items to choose from, and they all cost $7.49 each. You can search by subject, best sellers, and more.

25. Simply Audiobooks: Three clubs to choose from on this site allow you to rent, download, or do a Playaway rental. You can even get a 15 day free CD rental trial with no shipping charges, late fees, and unlimited rentals. They also have an audio book store with 22,000 titles to choose from.

26. NetLibrary: With both eBooks and audio books, this site is worth a look. A membership gives you access to their constantly updated books. You can even get audio libros for Spanish speakers.

27. Audio To Go: Another renting site, plans start at $16.99 a month. There are over 23,000 titles on CD or tape. You can even get a free trial membership for two weeks.

28. Audio Book Worm: Choose from thousands of audio books shipped to you on this site. You can rent by mail or download their software for rentals. There is even a free trial period.

29. Books Free: Recommended by “O” Magazine, this site is definitely worth a look. You can rent books as an MPS, on CD, or even the old fashioned, paperback versions. Choose from a variety of plans, or rent books a la carte.

30. Book Club Offers: Still not sure which service to pick? Then stop here to get a side by side comparison of many leading sites. They also have more information on other similar clubs.

Best Christian Sites for Audio Book Addicts

With many audio books just for them, Christians can find everything on these sites from the Bible to the latest works in religion.
31. Audio Treasure: Get the Bible in MP3 format as a free download on this site. Choose from versions such as King James, World English, Spanish Reina Valera, and many more. You can also get other related audio books on the site.

32. Free Christian Audiobooks: Similar to the above, this site goes beyond the Bible and offers many other related works. Books are available for Windows Media and iPod. There is even the option to order the entire site on disc if you don’t feel like a lengthy downloading process.

33. Audio-Bible: Visit here to get The King James Bible narrated by Stephen Jonston. It is over 72 hours long and uses Real Audio. You can also get other related links on the site.

34. Christianbook: An Amazon like site, they also have a special section for audio books. There are currently over 6,000 titles to choose from in a variety of categories. If you prefer old fashioned books, there are also tons available as well.

35. DeseretBook: This Christian themed book store is designed for the LDS family. In addition to the many hardcovers and paperbacks, you can also find a special section for audio books. Simply expand the section to get choices such as children’s, fiction, young adult, and more.

36. The Catholic Company: With tons of products, you can also find many audio books, along with videos. View by most popular, best reviewed, and more. You can also call their toll free number or request a catalog.

Best Website for Kids and Teen’s Audio Books

Because young people like to read as well, visit these sites with loads of audio books for sale or free for the downloading.
37. Storynory: Get free audio stories just for kids on this site. You can choose from fairy tales, classics, educational, and more. Stories also come in text so your child can read along.

38. Recorded Books Youth Library: Kids and teens will enjoy this audio book site just for them. You can purchase the latest educational and fiction books straight from the homepage in different formats. There are even resources for adults on the site.

39. Learn Out Loud: Browse this catalog of educational audio books, podcasts, downloads, and free audio. There are over 20,000 titles from hundreds of authors and publishers. You can even get free videos on the site.

40. Playtime Books: Get books for kids in MPS, CD, and even bilingual format. They have special sections for different subjects, the newest available on the homepage, and many recommendations. Best of all, the site is entirely free.

41. Kids’ Corner: Get many classic tales by authors such as Beatrix Potter on this site. They even have slide shows for viewing straight from your computer. In addition, there are also audio interviews with such notable figures as Mr. Rogers.

Best Specialty Sites for Audio Book Addicts

Go beyond the traditional audio books, and check out these sites many genres and readers in mind.
42. AudioFile Magazine: This is the magazine for people who love audio books. Issues contain reviews, new releases, author and narrator interviews, and even award winners. There is even a free trial offer if you are still unsure on whether or not to subscribe.

43. Soundview Executive Book Summaries: Get titles to help run or grow your business in many formats, including MP3. There are three different subscription levels to choose from. If you don’t want to join, you can also purchase single books.

44. Bookshare: Visit here for audio books for those with disabilities. The site offers more than 50,000 digital books, textbooks, teacher-recommended reading, periodicals, and assistive technology tools. Anyone can join and it is free for U.S. students with qualifying disabilities.

45. British Columbia Libraries: The “library without walls,” they have many audio books. Members can check out audio books just like at a regular library. Visitors can also get excerpts on many books at no charge.

46. Audio Publishers Association: This site contains the voice of the audio book industry. Get the latest news in the industry by stopping by here. They even have a list of resources for those interested in a behind the scenes look.

47. The House of Oojah: Australians with an interest in audio books will enjoy this site. Choose from fiction, children’s, meditation, and more. If you live outside the country, you will also find many new and interesting titles.

48. Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic: Visit here to get textbooks and others on audio intended for students with visual or learning disabilities. Anyone can order one of their products, and they currently have over 54,000 to choose from. There are also lesson plans, volunteer opportunities, and more.

49. ListenToYouTube: Is there an audio book on YouTube that you want on your computer or iPod? Then visit this site to convert it into an MP3. Simply paste in the URL, click GO, and get the file without a fee or signing up.

50. Books on Tape: This site is for those who still prefer this classic method of audio books. They have over 7,500 tapes priced at up to 75 percent off. You can also get audio books as CDs or downloads.

With hundreds of books coming out every week, who has the time to find a quiet place and read? Check out these 50 audio book sites, find a book you’ll love, and share it with the entire family.

100 Best Blogs to Hone Your Entrepreneurial Instinct

Whether you’re already running a business, or just thinking of starting one, you might want to consider sharpening your entrepreneurial skills so that you can achieve the success you’re looking for. To have the best entrepreneur strategies for your business is great, however, you still need to build up your skills to use those strategies for your business to thrive in this competitive market. Apart from being spirited and assertive, it is necessary to look at several areas of the entrepreneurial process and develop expertise to excel in each and every business venture. To get you going, we’ve put together this list of blogs about starting up, growing your business, money and marketing advice, important news and events, social, internet, and women entrepreneurs, some inspirational stories, as well as some great resources.

Starting up

Before starting your own business, you must have a clear idea of what you are getting into. Learn the crucial aspects that you need to know with these blogs.

1. Entrepreneurship Process Blog Learn everything you need to know about starting up your own business.  Posts are on a variety of subjects relating to the advantages of business opportunities.

2. Make it Legal A small business instructor’s handbook on law and entrepreneurship. This business attorney has been in the field for more than 15 years guiding small businesses through legal hurdles they face when starting and running their companies.

3. Business Opportunities Weblog A mix of commentary and links on small business opportunities and entrepreneurship. You will get a view of this author’s thoughts and personal experiences he has had over the years.

4. Startup Spark You are provided a steady stream of business tips and heated discussion on this blog. Topics such as entrepreneurial passion, social entrepreneurship and dealing with business failure are issues faced in these posts.

5. Up and Running See starting up and small business from multiple viewpoints. Learn about things you can do to make your business venture run smoothly.

6. Instigator Blog All about instigating debate and solutions for a better business. The focus is on entrepreneurship, small business, marketing and technology, with a hefty shot of humor.

7. BizCentral USA – Small BizBlog This blog is dedicated to educating the small and start up business enterprise. Entrepreneurs young and old as well as women and minorities can find trends and comments on pertaining to the challenges they face starting out.

8. Startable Take with you some long lasting advice from this blogger. Prasad has started several small businesses and can give you the best tips to a create a profitable business.

9. My Life, Starting Up Read about what it’s like to start a company. Get detailed knowledge to get your company off the ground  such as legal advice, trademarks, office space, and finding help.

10. StartupNation If your goal is starting your own business then you definitely want to take a look at this blog. Whether it be online or off, read about what it takes to launch a successful startup.

Growing Your Business

Once you’ve launched your business, the challenges have just begun. The first challenge is how to grow your business. As your business grows, these blogs can help manage people, finances and your own time.

11. Just for Small Business Growing a small business requires mastering many areas. This blog will keep you abreast of trends on the operations to make your business successful.

12. BizzBangBuzz Pittsburgh attorney Anthony Cerminaro gives great tips and some unique articles on the challenges facing entrepreneurs growing their companies. A particular focus is on legal issues.

13. Young Entrepreneur Blog This blog is devoted to enlightening entrepreneurs with information and advice all around the world. The two brothers that write for this blog truly represent the entrepreneurial attitude of today.

14. Dare Mighty Things This young energetic entrepreneur is trying to build his business from nothing to a million dollar enterprise. Follow along on his journey and read get helpful advice as well.

15. Catalyst for Action This blog is set on helping young entrepreneurs find their niche. Educate yourself and gain knowledge to build successful businesses.

16. Club E Here you’ll find blogs by everyone from the aged entrepreneur to the young amateur. There are vast resources to help you network, learn and share your experiences.

17. Musings of a 26-Year-Old Entrepreneur Blogger and entrepreneur Adam McFarland provides posts on this blog about topics like job security, small businesses and more.  He gives a candid look at what it’s like to be a young business owner to help young professionals consider entrepreneurship.

18. The Solopreneur’s Million-Dollar Mindset This  woman helps entrepreneurs achieve their business and life goals rapidly and efficiently. She serves as a Success Coach for the nationally known organization, Count-Me-In for Women’s Economic Independence and helps award winners grow their businesses to one-million dollars and larger.

19. Entrepreneur Blog At by Scott Allen Once you have started your business venture, read this blog to get the best advice on keeping it going. The articles will give you a step up on what you can do to accelerate the process.

20. Business Pundit Learn things you never would have thought of on this unconventional blog. You will receive bold opinions and advice on topics that will help your business grow.


Good financial management can make or break a company. It’s not just a matter of having enough money — it’s about having enough money for the right things at the right time. These blogs will help you stay focused on your entrepreneurial budget.

21. The Financial Guru Receive a holistic approach to money and wealth from Vanessa Summers.  She is the CEO of a company dedicated to empowering people to be successful in any economy through entrepreneurship.

22. The Only Guide to Investing an Entrepreneur Will Ever Need A guide with a simple premise of investing their savings cautiously. A personal finance guru, Lewis Schiff gives advice on everything from how to invest your money to how to prepare for reccession.

23. Money Saving Tips for Small Business Owners Find ways to save money for your business in this blog. It serves as an aggregate for information on deals, coupons, and discounts for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

24. Rich by Thirty If your major goal in life is to make money, then check out this blog. It’s content is full of  tips for raking in the big bucks.

25. Young Money Talks Whether you’re struggling to bring your own finances under control or manage money for a startup, this blog is a great place to look to for advice on everything financial.

26. The Closet Entrepreneur You’ll need to be extremely careful with your limited funds when starting out on your own. This blog offers some excellent tips for entrepreneurs on saving money.

27. Virtual Entrepreneur Money talk, trends, and tips for any entrepreneur. Connect to plenty of links & opportunities for today’s go getters.

28. Personal Finance Blog Great tales of and about successful entrepreneurs. Get  blogging advice about making and managing money.

29. Pajama Professional Maximize your earning potential with these generous articles. Constantly updated,  this blog will find legitimate ways to make money online, enhance personal development,  and other resources for entrepreneurs in all niches.

30. Business Ideas And Entrepreneurship Get help with your finances from this sophomore blog. There are great ideas on how to make your money stretch as far as possible when it comes down to business.


Marketing entails everything you do to attract customers and persuade them to buy your product, including advertising, public relations, publicity and selling. Read these blogs to get the latest marketing tips.

31. Duct Tape Marketing Get marketing tips from this small business expert. John Jantsch hands out 3 or 4 small business marketing tips weekly in easily understandable bite-size tidbits.

32. Networking Now Written by the founder of BNI, the worlds largest business networking organization. Get his marketing secrets and anecdotes about his years of experience in small business marketing.

33. Drew’s Marketing Minute Tips and strategies on issues such as business plans, picking domain names and going mobile. There is a plethora of information to help you make the most of your small business.

34. The Internet Strategist Gain knowledge from an internet industry veteran with her own New York marketing firm. This blog specializes in traditional and internet marketing for entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

35. Entrepreneur in the Making This talented writer is an expert in affiliate marketing. Learn how to use marketing and the web to your best advantage.

36. The New Rich Blog Share real practical information, advice and techniques that this new entrepreneur is learning along the road to independence. His commentary is on his thoughts and experiences he has come upon while trying to make it big.

37. Brand Yourself Get a better understanding of the basics behind business branding. Learn about what you need to do to get your name out there.

38. SplitStack This blogger is only 17 years old and is already finding success in Internet marketing. Read his posts for some helpful tips and advice.

39. Sherpa Blog Using case studies, surveys, and other techniques, this blog researches what works. Posts are frequent and related to all things marketing.

40. Strategy Stew A place where business and marketing profressionals go for creative ideas on trends. There are links to experts and all things related to getting your ideal customers.

Success Stories

These blogs provide great inspiration to an entrepreneur who is trying to build something from nothing on a very small budget.

41. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur A blog by Mike Michalowicz, a self made entrepreneur since the age of 24. Get helpful tips and inspiration from his lectures for collegiate entrepreneur programs at Harvard, Penn State, and Boston College.

42. Go BIG Blog Read this blog from a 9-time successful entrepreneur Wil Schroter. He gives you a no nonsense  approach when it comes to the way it really when becoming an entrupreuneur.

43. The Trump Blog Ideas and Opinions from Donald Trump and theTrump University Faculty. There’s a host of articles that show why Donald Trump has made it to where he is today.

44. Seth Godin’s Blog Mr. Godin was founder of Yoyodyne, an interactive marketing company, which Yahoo Inc. acquired in late 1998. His blog often creates direction in business and life, such as financial advice for grads.

45. Weekend Entrepreneur This blog gives inspiration by posting success stories and extensive interviews with entrepreneurs who have started small businesses based on interesting inventions and creative ideas.

46. How to Change the World Guy Kawasaki is a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, an early-stage capital firm. His articles often provide usable lists that are relevant to entrepreneur readers.

47. MeDirected Sometimes listening to the voice inside is the way to go. This entrepreneur quit his secure day job to pursue his dream of owning his own business.

48. Blog maverick A relevant and practical blog for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Written by Marc Cuban a small business owner since the young age of 17.

49. Entrepreneur Success Blog Read this blog to get inspired about the business you are starting. This entrepreneur will show you that anything is possible.

50. The Making It Business Blog Written by Nelson Davis, a successful minority entrepreneur. His articles give hope for anyone wanting to become an entrepreneur. There are stories from many minorities who have made it big.

Small Business News

Get all the latest issues that are affecting small business and entrepreneurs from these blogs.

51. The Entrepreneurial Mind Spot trends in small business and entrepreneurship from the director of Belmont University Center. His post relate to the impact these trends have on the individual business owners.

52. Entrepreneur’s Tips Your all in one resource for news and events affecting today’s small business owners and entrepreneurs. Get insight from experts as well as tips on areas of interest like promotion, the Internet and more.

53. Small Business Trends Take a look at the current trends affecting small businesses and entrepreneurs. This blog should definitely be put on your must-read list.

54. GlobalBX Entrepreneur Blog A primary site for business planning, strategies, and motivation for all entrepreneurs. Contains tips, news, and events relating to all aspects of entrepreneurship.

55. The Browser This blog looks at the world through the entrepreneurial eye. The job is done when calling attention to news articles, radio broadcasts and web sites, that are of specific concern to entrepreneurs.

56. The Entrepreneurial Agenda Get all the latest details on the big issues that affect entrepreneurs. Most of his posts are focused on subjects in relation to the 2008 presidential campaign.

57. Entrepreneur’s Tips A source for news and information affecting today’s busy entrepreneur. Tips and pointers are posted for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Areas of interest include starting a business, marketing, promotion, Web and Internet, and more.

58. Small Business Brought to you by BusinessWeek  for entrepreneurs. Get the latest  facts on events that affect the small business world.

59. The Small Business Blog The week’s news round-up for home business and entrepreneurs. Issues discussed are of interest to small business owners from the United States.

60. Business Trends Blog Sponsored by the SBE (Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council). They work to educate elected officials, policy makers, business leaders and the public to advance  the environment for entrepreneurship, business start-up and growth.

Internet Entrepreneurs

Whether beginning your internet business, or just trying to keep up with competition, these blogs will give you all the advice you need to stay profitable.

61. Get Elastic The blog allots common approaches to selling on the Internet. Posts include: “Retailer Reputation: Showing Off Your Street Cred,” “Cart Abandonment,” and “Dads and Grads: Missed Merchandising Opportunities.”

62. Get fresh and new opinions and advice from this 22 year old internet entrepreneur. Read about the steps he had to take to make it with a small online business.

63. Young Go Getter Check out this site for advice on creating a blog that can bring in a steady stream of readers. The goal of this blog is to eventually put you to a place where you will bring in advertisers.

64. ShoeMoney ShoeMoney is a blog journal from a guy who makes a living online. It contains his thoughts and opinions based on real life experiences he has had on his way.

65. The Internet Entrepreneur Diary Read about this internet entrepreneurs ups and downs as you follow him on his journey to small business.  Gain inspiration from his positive thoughts and posts.

66. MegaRich A map to a successful internet business. Follow along, join in and give feedback as these bloggers build an online business from nothing.

67. The Internet Business Authority A compellation of various successful internet business entrepreneurs. Serves as a purpose for educating the masses on how to create a successful business online.

68. WebPreneur Resources Today A fairly new and exciting blog for experienced web and internet entrepreneurs. A  must stop site  for strategies to establish a successful Internet business.

69. The Nerdator An up and coming blog surrounding internet entrepreneurs and marketing. Join this so-called nerd and follow his personal journey to the next big thing.

70. Chronicles everyday  operations of his life as a web entrepreneur.  Post topics range from blogging tips, affiliate marketing, inspirational and motivational posts, guest posts, in-depth articles and reviews.

Women Entrepreneurs

It is a fact that the women entrepreneurs are starting new businesses at twice the rate of men. These women are fascinating and you will receive a wealth of knowledge from these blogs.

71. After 55 The bold and candid blog for spirited and connected women over 55. Bonnie Price takes women after 55 to the next triumphant stage in life.

72. Women at Work Named by Newsweek magazine as one of the “Top 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet,” Aliza Sherman is a web pioneer and social media marketing expert. In 1995, she started the first woman-owned, full-service internet company.

73. Entrepreneur’s philoSophie’s A carefree look at life as an entrepreneur through weekly comics drawn by small business owner Joanna Alberti. Her drawings give you a glimpse into the market she created for no nonsense women.

74. SmartWoman Guides A center core for motivating the developing woman entrepreneur.  The fan base is 35-55 year old females starting out in business for themselves. You’ll find free articles, product reviews and this daily blog for encouragement.

75. My Business Adventures A Mom’s blogging  journey of starting her own business. Share her ins & outs, wins and losses, anecdotes, and life’s lessons as she moves ahead.

76. Julie Lenzer Kirk’s Blog Musings on growing a business and entrepreneurship. See how this busy mom knows how to do it all and raise a family at the same time.

77. EntrepreneurHER A platform for women entrepreneurs who have either considered starting their own business or are experienced entrepreneurs. Find insight and support from other empowered women by learning and connecting.

78. FemalePreneurs Young women looking to start a business can find all kinds of advice and inspiration here. Teaches women how to expand their business by using the internet and their growing expertise.

79. The Mom Entrepreneur Get the basics from a mom balancing motherhood and a small business. Her posts are filled with emotions when talking about the good fortune she has experienced and does not take for granted.

80. Girl Meets Business Get some insight on how women can navigate the working world from the solid advice given on this blog. Mostly for young professionals who want to Develop professionally through growth and learning

Social Entrepreneurship

The newest breed of entrepreneurs are in the small business community. Get some tips and advice from social entrepreneurs with the special ability to recognize society’s problems and bring about global changes.

81. The Eco-Capitalist Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, provides commentary on how you can break traditional stereotypes and create a business that profits by doing environmentally and socially responsible things.

82. Ecopreneurist Offers news and advice on sustainability and entrepreneurship. Learn about new green products and services, and get marketing and branding assistance for your green start-up business.

83. Audeamus A one stop shop for everything about social responsibility and entrepreneurship. The posts are split up between categories like “Books and Tools,” “Go Green,”and “Social Enterprise,” which makes it simple to locate exactly what youre looking for.

84. Fast Company Expert Blog Fast Company sets the agenda through the evolution of business. With a unique focus on creative individuals making change. This expert blog focuses on the future of social entrepreneurship.

85. Echoing Green This blog documents news, trends, and the real life of social entrepreneurs. Its goal is to feed social entrepreneurs and their unconventional ideas for positive change.

86. Let There D.light! Follow Sam Goldman as he makes his company, D.light, a world market leader in off-grid lighting and power solutions. He unceasingly serves his customers with innovative products that improve their lives.

87. Forging Ahead This is the story of Kjerstin Erickson who was 20 years old when she started her company, FORGE. She didn’t have a business plan and she didn’t have a penny but she now works in three refugee camps in Zambia, helping refugees build better lives.

88. School for Social Entrepreneurs The School for Social Entrepreneurs’ main blog. It offers information, news and views on social enterprise and social entrepreneurship.

89. Beneblog Jim Fruchterman navigates the social entrepreneurship side of technology applications. The goal is to get the needed tech tools to the people who are least able to afford them.

90. Social ROI Sets out to enable social entrepreneurship. Posts spread the word about some of the good stuff that’s happening in the space.

Web Tools & Resources

New tools and resources are constantly being developed to makebusinesses easier to run. Here are some blogs suited for today’s entrepreneur that give some helpful information and can save you time and money.

91. This blog lives up to its subtitle of “killer resources for entrepreneurs”. By furnishing links and reviews of applications and other resources, you will be able to work more efficiently.

92. The Goods: Quick Hits Devoted exclusively to products and services for small business owners. They do review the new netbook or the must have smartphone, but will also examine the smaller services, not so well known software, and web-based tools that can help your businesses succeed.

93. Online Entrepreneurial Tools & Tips A site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs hone in on their skills by using the newest online tools. Listen as other bloggers share their own experiences to helps entrepreneurs improve their businesses.

94. Rise to the Top The Rise To The Top is the source for education and programming for emerging and established entrepreneurs. Offers a  blend of business, education, entertainment, lifestyle and fun by delivering in-your-face information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

95. Circle One Connect Connects entrepreneurs and small business owners with innovative, current, and entertaining resources on multiple ways that the internet and Web 2.0 technologies can help any business model.

96. Everyday Entrepreneurship A practical resource for growing and managing your business. Each blog post is dedicated to educating and informing you about entrepreneurial issues in an effort to ensure your success as a business owner and manager.

97. Mike Stopforth An entrepreneur, writer and speaker who helps companies recieve value from Web 2.0* trends and technologies to create a smarter and more profitable businesses. Web-based communities and hosted services such as social-networking sites, wikis, and blogs facilitate sharing among users.

98. Venture Hacks Run by a team of successful entrepreneurs and investors. This is definitely a great resource to gain knowledge from.

99. The Internet Entrepreneur Resources Blog Keeps you abreast of additions and changes that effect small business and entrepreneurs. You can receive free resources, business ideas, marketing tools, and more.

100. BeRelevant! Each and every one of these articles, tools and resources have been carefully selected by the author of this blog. There are reviews based on their value and uniqueness.

Entrepreneurship can prove to be a turning point in your life if given careful consideration. Honing in on these entrepreneurial skills can be quite a challenging task but you can develop them by learning, practicing, determination, and a little help from the blogs above.

The Challenges and Advantages of Using Digital Content in Higher Education

Educational institutions are changing rapidly in response to the ability of individuals and universities to access digital content in ways that was unthinkable just five years ago. Students and colleges no longerhave to rely on the traditional methods of information access and content delivery that formed the foundation of educational content in the past. Thanks to the Internet and associated technology, there have been rapid advances in the way we access and assimilate information. What was earlier available only at a premium cost is now open to all at no cost at all, what was earlier limited to the heavy, printed and bound version is now digitized and easier to access. In spite of these and other advantages that digital content offers, there are certain drawbacks that make this form of information delivery a little dicey, especially when it’s related to data where authenticity is of prime importance.

  1. Data in the digital format requires the use of additional technology to access, read and modify. This technology may not be universally available due to constraints like cost, and even if available, may not be used by everyone because of training gaps and lack of accessibility.
  2. The authenticity of such information will always be questioned unless there is a foolproof way to identify the sources and establish their genuineness. Information is only as valuable as its source, and when the origin of the source is doubtful, the information is almost worthless. So unless the data can be proved to have originated from validated sources, digital content does not assume any meaning.
  3. The information must be protected by copyrights that prevent it from being plagiarized for other purposes. It’s harder to enforce copyright issues when it comes to digitized data such as that is freely available on the Internet and distributed through CDs and DVDs that can be easily copied.
  4. The content providers must be fairly compensated for their contribution. This is a fairly easy concept for the written and printed format of information – each book sold garners the author royalties, but it’s almost impossible to allocate revenue based on the number of page views or the number of digital copies sold unless these are protected by one-time licenses.
  5. The problem with licenses is that they tend to restrict access to only those who can afford to pay for the product. And in today’s scenario where information is freely available, not many people are willing to pay premium prices for the same content.
  6. And then there are the hackers who somehow find means to break license codes and access information that is protected to sell on the grey and black markets.
  7. Publishers must also cater to the demand from consumers to produce content in various formats rather than just one.
  8. Lack of publishing format standards hinder the process of aggregating content from various sources, collating it and re-publishing only what you need.
  9. As newer technologies are developed, it’s not going to be easy to gain universal approval for these technologies as human nature tends to resist change and fight it before being forced to accept it.
  10. The challenge lies in identifying people who will accept and embrace the changes immediately with open arms and then cajole the rest of the population into trying it out as well.
  11. Students, with the advantage of youth and the capacity to embrace new technology on their side, are likely to adapt to innovations with an ease that their professors and teachers, who are steeped in tradition, cannot manage. This throws up an irony of sorts, as those who are meant to be taught end up grasping the medium of education (if not the content that must be taught) at a faster rate than those who are meant to teach.
  12. There must be a consensus among educational institutions as a whole on the methods that will be adopted to train staff adequately so that they are comfortable with using the technology to impart a valuable education to their students.
  13. Institutes must be prepared to handle the change as well – both mentally and financially. The fact that learning and educational content is now digital means that educational institutes must invest a whole lot of money in related hardware and software costs besides shelling out money to train both staff and students to use the new system.
  14. They must also be made to accept the fact that change is inevitable, and that what’s in today may as well be out tomorrow, and the sooner we realize this truth and accept it, the faster we will adapt to the change.
  15. Digital publishers must cope with opposition and resentment from the print industry which will certainly not relish the prospect of being driven out of business.

In spite of all these constraints, there are various advantages that digital content offers over traditional printed material. They include:

  1. The ability to modify content or just a part of it easily and at a considerably low cost. The same exercise with traditional books is a time consuming and costly affair.
  2. Easy and cost-effective updating options allow access to the latest information as and when it’s available rather than having to wait for the next edition of the book to be printed and made available at stores.
  3. Searching for the exact subject you’re interested in is a breeze with digital content when compared with leafing through a book and reading every word before you’re able to find what you’re looking for.
  4. Teachers can put together customized lessons depending on what they think their students are interested in rather than being forced to rely on one or two books alone.
  5. Digital content takes up a fraction of the storage space that printed matter does, thus freeing up shelves and shelves of space.
  6. There’s also the fact that the less paper we use, the more we’re doing to play our part in saving the rain forests and the environment as a whole.
  7. There’s no need to carry around books when you’re travelling from place to place. If it’s online, all you need is access to a computer and a fast Internet connection.

There is no certain indicator that can predict when the complete changeover of educational information from printed form to digital content will take place, or even if it will ever take place. There are signs of the shift, but it is slow and acceptance is even slower. But with the kind of revolution that we’ve seen over the past two decades in the field of information technology, there won’t be any surprises when the change does come, sooner than we think and believe possible. While the move will have its detractors, with time there will be general acceptance. After all, the raging success and omnipresence of the Internet is proof enough that rapid change is certainly possible in a very short span of time!

Using Open Source Software as a Means of Educating Youth

It’s the innate curiosity in children that drives them to take apart toys and gadgets and earn the ire of the adults at home. Yes, it’s hard to stand by and watch passively as an expensive gizmo is being systematically torn to pieces, but there are some kids who do it, not because they have a destructive streak within them, but because they want to know how the car runs, why the remote controls the television, and what the little knob extending from your cell phone does. They figure they can put the pieces back together, but before they can even start, you’re raining on their parade and the fun’s over, and the lesson too.

For those of you who’re raising your eyebrows at the word lesson, let me reiterate – yes, a valuable lesson. I believe that the best way to learn is through hands-on experience; you never know if you’re actually good at something till you try your hand at it. With kids being extra sharp these days, don’t be surprised if you come home one day to find your broken video game console working like it was brand new or your virus-ridden computer booting up without a hitch – in spite of your stern lectures never to play with your expensive gadgets, they’ve gone behind your back and figured out their workings just by playing around with the mechanics of the object.

And that’s why it makes sense to encourage them to use open source software right from childhood – the very nature of the code is an open invitation to dig their hands in, turn it around, play with it, and manipulate it to perform better or with different results. There are no disciplinarians standing over their shoulders here, waiting to punish them if things go wrong, a fact that is a key aspect of being able to work in peace with no clouds whatsoever hanging over their heads.

Unlike proprietary software which is buried under and protected by layers and layers of licenses, open source initiatives are a budding programmer’s dream come true – they’re the perfect lessons and the best teachers for minds eager to learn, eager to do, and eager to achieve. While it’s true that talent blossoms at any age, the reason a lost childhood is rued is that we’re untouched by fears and doubts in our innocence, we don’t know what it is to taste failure, and we’re not bothered by what others say. And that is why the best time to experiment and learn is when we’re kids – we have more guts to take on the unknown, not just to reach out and conquer it, but to not make a big deal out of it either. That’s for the grown-ups, with their pretentious airs and self-congratulatory attitudes.

But I digress – the point I’m trying to make is that open source promotes learning and creates geniuses like no other model does, and that’s why our educational institutes, pillars of learning that they are, must be willing to champion their usage in schools.